The Sculptor and Art Student's Guide to the Proportions of the Human Form
The technique of pencil drawing: With notes on the proportions of the human figure

Proportions of the Human Figure

Discover the Art of 3D Figure Design

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Albrecht Dürer and Nicholas Cusanus: the Real, the Ideal, and the Quantification of the Body

Examples from the Works of Boromini and Leonardo da Vinci

Bernini's "Idea del Tempio" Anthropomorphic proportions of San Andrea al Quirinale's facade, according to Caporali's proportions (author's drawing).


The harmony of the female face depends on various relationships that everyone intending to perfom facial restructuring ought to know.


Human Proportions for Artists (Spiral-bound) by Avard T. Fairbanks

Modelling a Human Head

The human body does not have an ideal ratio of numbers in every case. We have to take into consideration both hereditary and acquired factors. Thus, if we want to find a man who completely fulfils the formula, we will have to find a person whose physical

Natural Proportions - Branko M. Perak

The Doryphoros Michael Lahanas - Griechische Kunst. Der Speerwerfer von Polyklet

The Doryphoros 19THC THE NUDE

The Doryphoros Body Proportions

Les Proportions le corps humain

Michael M. Hensley - Idealized Human Proportion

An In Depth Review of DAZ 3D's Stephanie 3 Petite Base, Head Morphs, & Body Morphs

Heidi - wir bauen eine Frau am Amiga, a la Lara Croft
FARP Figuredraing basic pose and construction
Art in Canada - Figure Drawing Proportions

Kroppens proporsjoner

University of Idaho - Studio Projects, including one on Figure Drawing Proportions
Bangalore Net - Figure Drawing
DONALD A. JUSKO #96, Figure Proportions
Teemu Mäkinen - Drawing a human body

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