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Writings and Interviews

Live nude girl: UCSD professor Bram Djikstra released a book in October, Naked: The Nude in America , which chronicles the use of nudity in art from the 18th century to now.

A legend laid bare: Egon Schiele exhibition Egon Schiele Women, at the Richard Nagy gallery, London W1, opens on Thursday ( Read More>

LIFE Gets Naked: Artists and Models Read More>

Van Dongen's Chic Hookers, Lady Wrestlers Seduce Paris: Review Read More>

The first time I walked into an art class I arrived as the main event. The details of why in the early 1960's I'd decided to work as an artist's model are irrelevant, so I'll leave it at the fact I needed money for the plane fare to Europe and nobody was going to give it to me. Read More>

The art world is like an iceberg - what you see is only a fraction of what's going on. For 10 years I worked part-time as an artist's model, working for professional artists, art and animation schools and community groups. The latter was the by far my most frequent employer and by far the most surprising group. Read More>

I've never actually been to a life drawing class. For one thing, my figurative drawing skills don't extend much beyond stark stick men and for another, my more arty friends' cringe-worthy tales of afternoon sessions with Derek, the OAP with the seriously small willy who liked chit chatting about the weather and chastising anyone under thirty while sitting open legged on a stool are pretty much enough to put me off for life. Or are they? Keen to reinvent the traditional staid concepts of life drawing, London Drawing, the brainchild of artists Anne Noble-Partridge and David Price have launched The Drawing Theatre, a creative fusion of theatre and drawing Read More>

AKTMALEREI Nackt-Matinee mit Lerneffekt In der Berlinischen Galerie kann man mit spitzem Stift und scharfem Blick schšne Akte zu Papier bringen Read More>

CCA students mastering new storytelling methods with comics class Read More>

'Modest sum' to give up modesty
CURVY, thin, large and small Ñ all bodies are welcome for the life drawing class at the Toowoomba Art Society. Currently, the society has six models on their books who they call in to pose without their clothes on for their weekly sessions. Read More>

Life's not easy in the raw WHEN artist Diana Battle enters her life drawing class, she doesn't see a naked body. She instead sees angles, light and shade as well as positive and negative space. "The more drawings you do you start to forget you are drawing someone in the nude," she said. Read More>

Real Live Nude Art: Benefit Mixes Artists, Models, and Spectators Read More>

My Work: George Krause talks about his photography In his current series, Sfumato Nudes, renowned photographer George Krause combines a classical art subject with contemporary technology and a technique he devised. His subjects are isolated from the physical world by a light box, where the reflected and direct illumination from the back creates a reversal of depth. The images are stunning life-size portraits of average men and women standing in casual stances. Some are models from life-drawing classes, many are friends, most are volunteer strangers: Read More>

NAKED FROM NINE TO FIVE (NAAKT VAN NEGEN TOT VIJF) Ze brengen hun werkweek naakt door, onbeweeglijk, starend in de ruimte. Met dertig paar ogen op zich gericht. Fulltime naaktmodellen, ze werken voor weinig geld, maar staan wel continu in het middelpunt. 'Naakt poseren helpt jezelf te accepteren.'Read More>

What I've Learned: Ty Tyner Tyner feels that the education he received at ACC is still helping him with his job working with comic books. "It definitely taught me a good bit about design and had a good program as far as design goes," said Tyner. "I think I grew as an artist definitely when I was there. I did some life drawing classes. At the time, I didn't think I needed them because I was like I'm a computer designer, but now that I'm doing the comic thing, I'm actually doing more painting. It actually does come back into play." Read More>

Philadelphia in the Nude I'm not afraid to get naked. I needed spare cash, so I sold my body - to art. Read More>

Nuogas kunas viesai - tabu ar ne visai? Read More>

Sie sind jung und brauchen das Geld Hundefutterrezepte übersetzen, Achterbahn bremsen oder als Aktmodell posen: Es muss nicht immer Nachhilfe sein. (ZisH-Autoren zeigen kreative Wege, um neben Schule und Studium Geld zu verdienen. Read More>

Nackte Tatsachen: …ffentliches Aktmalen Gestern Abend malten die Freiburger KŸnstler Matthias Hickel und Viktor Knack in der Regio Galerie live Akte - und das Publikum durfte Ÿber die Schulter schauen. Ein Aktmodell, das sich šffentlich zeichnen lŠsst, kommt selten vor. Barbara (Name geŠndert) gehšrt zu den wenigen Modellen, die einer šffentlichen Aktmalerei zustimmen. Gina war dabei. Read More>

Still life is a bum deal Tim Vollmer Daily Telegraph reporter posses nude for a life drawing class at the Arts centre in Willoughby as part of the odd jobs series. Read More>
A pursuit for artistic purity Nude modeling is a controversial career in China. Some think it is shameful, while others think it is brave. But for Su Zizi, a 19-year-old student from Beijing-based Renmin University of China, nude modeling offers her the chance to pursue pure art. Read More>
Su Zizi: China's student nude prepares for 'shocking' exhibition
Su Zizi website
Video performance

Angewandte: Alle Studenten unter einem Dach Die UniversitŠt fŸr angewandte Kunst plant eine Vergrš§erung fŸr drei§ig Millionen Euro. Von den Budgeteinsparungen fŸr UniversitŠten ist das Vorhaben laut Rektor Bast nicht betroffen.

Who does not want to draw a naked girl For ten years running in Netanya workshop participants draw a naked girl and sometimes a naked man. ..What should I do girl to be a good model? "It should be natural and skilled. Movements poses I do have to adjust my body. My body is round and so is natural. My positions I'm not struggling physically. If this effort does not seem real. I know how I should feel to make it look real. Read More>
Anita Rau Badami: Lessons in life drawing Anita Rau Badami is the author of Tamarind Mem, The Hero's Walk, Can You Hear The Nightbird Call?, and, most recently, Tell It To The Trees. Born in India, she now calls Montreal home. Badami will be guest editing The Afterword all this week. Reed More>
World-Famous Paintings Now Top Best Investments for Billionaires in Search of Safe Havens: A Special Free Report by Art Critic Stan Zipperman for Art Collectors Website Read more>
Nonchalant about nudity Being seen naked isn't everyone's biggest fear. For Bonita Summers, her career as a nude model means contributing to someone's artistic development. Read More>
Art School Exercise Mistaken for Classic Chinese Painting Sells for $11.4 Million at Auction BEIJINGÑ In a major embarrassment on the eve of the Chinese fall auction season, a painting sold at auction last year for RMB 72.8 million ($11.4 million) as a masterpiece by Chinese modern master Xu Beihong (1895-1953) has been denounced as a fake. Read More> MU professor's exhibit demonstrates how to build an artful life Most of the drawings pinned to the walls at 106 Orr St. are straightforward classroom demonstrations. Anyone who has taken a drawing class at the University of Missouri will recognize the subject matter: live models, architectural details and headless beauties from the cast gallery at the Museum of Art and Archaeology. Red More>
Naked models, charcoal dreams "Open Figure Drawing Classes, Tuesday night 8:30-10:30." This is one of those flyers that usually would have made me stop, think for a second, then move on. But before leaving for college, I was urged to do those things which had always seemed too scary, or too strange, so, when WEEKEND asked me to check out the class this week, I couldn't say no. Tuesday night I set off for the School of Art, notebook and pen in hand. Read More>
Drawing Death: In UB's Gross Anatomy Lab, Artists Explore the Human Body BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The life-sized drawing of the cadaver is titled "Table 8." Read More>
People tend to take off their clothes in front of the bathroom, sleep or sex. Time Out spoke to the few who undress at work. "Alexander once called to pose, I went with him. It gives me pleasure to rustle a pencil. People shy of nudity because they are embarrassed themselves. It is difficult to find a complete woman, who wants to pose. Read More>
Naked Craft The job of sitter appeared in ancient times - since the beginning of the fine arts. Read More>
Nackte Tatsachen bei der ersten Ferienakademie Eine Nackte im Kulturzentrum: bei der Ferienakademie der Volkshochschule Ludwigsburg nichts Au§ergewšhnliches. Denn neben zahlreichen Workshop-Angeboten vom Musizieren bis hin zum Englischkurs wird von einer Dozentin auch Aktmalerei fŸr AnfŠnger und Fortgeschrittene angeboten. Read More>
Kunst - ein Schšpfungsakt DORSTFELD Die Teilnehmer eines Aktmalkurses machten es sich nicht leicht, Nacktheit zu Papier zu bringen. Keine Scheu darf das Modell haben, aber die Maler auch nicht. FŸr ihre mšglichst genauen Zeichnungen mŸssen diese fŸr Details auch schon mal nŠher an die nackt Posierende herantreten. Read More>
Vom Aktzeichnen bis zur digitalen Malerei Wattenscheid. Auf Vielfalt setzt der Kunstkreis Wattenscheid e.V. mit seinem neuen Fortbildungsprogramm. Reizvolle Seminarangebote gibt es fŸr kŸnstlerisch Ambitionierte. Zur Spezialisierung und Weiterbildung von KŸnstlern und Fachleuten, aber auch zur Vermittlung elementarer Grundlagen fŸr AnfŠnger und Fortgeschrittene hŠlt die diesjŠhrige Sommerakademie Angebote vor. Read More>

20 artists painting nude in the garden of the Japanese Palace in Dresden Dresden. Painting outdoors, to eat and drink. 20 artists took on Sunday of this opportunity and painted in the garden of the Japanese Palace, under the slogan "Breakfast on the lawn." Read More> Another Link, One more link.

The Art of the Nude Model Growing up, most of us are taught that nudity is inherently bad; that it is completely and absolutely taboo. Allison Conley, however, believes no such thing. Conley, a senior at Stony Brook University majoring in digital arts, has been working as a nude model since the summer of 2008, and sees no problem with taking off her clothes.

'Behold the Nude' at Skulski Art Gallery in Clark, NJ

World-renowned realist whose paintings startled and impressed Lucian Freud: THE ORIGINAL, unnerving, sustained artistic achievement of Lucian Freud, who has died aged 88, had at its heart a wilful, restless personality, fired by his intelligence and attentiveness and his suspicion of method, never wanting to risk doing the same thing twice. Read More>

Tough Job in the Naked City The event was the Society of Illustrators' Tuesday evening "Sketch Night"Ñnot to be confused with its Thursday evening sketch night. Here's the difference: On Tuesday, according to a helpful flier, "Models will be nude with an occasional accessory" Read More>

Christian Colleges Struggle with Their Fine Art Programs When Bob and Sandra Bowden were scouting colleges for their daughter Jennifer in the 1980s, they found that the pickings were slim. "My husband and I were looking for a Christian college with a studio art program, and it was like looking for a needle in a haystack," Ms. Bowden recalled. ..So are their programs comparable to those offered by secular institutions? One obvious difference is the attitude to the use of models in life-drawing classes. "Calvin College doesn't use nude models," said David Diephouse, chairman of the institution's art department. It is a touchy subject. By omitting traditional life drawing, some argue that Christian college students are missing out on a central tenet of traditional art training.Read More>

Sketching a beauty queen To kill time in our life drawing class, I join my students when they draw. Read More>

Life drawing meets sketchy burlesque at Stage 84 in Davie "I was thinking, straight up, 'this isn't like your standard life drawing class,'" remembers Sundquist. "There's this strange mermaid that some guy carries out because she's in costume, and she interacts with the artists. The atmosphere just became so non-threatening." Read More>

Class at the El Paso Museum of Art is "Drawing" in Students "Once you start drawing you're not even really focusing on nudity or anything like that. You're just trying to capture this drawing so it looks decent to yourself," said artist Rene Sanders. Read More>

Acclaimed Artist and Teacher Leads Figure Drawing Class James McMullan urges students to analyze "rhythms" and "pressures" in model's body, during Southampton Writers Conference class at Stony Brook Southampton. Read More>

Undraped models 'just like any other object' for local artists A model walks into a room with, typically, a dozen people, takes clothes off and sits still in the middle of the room for a few hours. Read more>

Anger as art is removed from church A CENSORSHIP row has erupted between an art class and the congregation at an Ashbourne church. Read More>

Life model takes over AFTER seven years as a model, Heather Brenchley will now step in to help guide aspiring artists as they explore their creative side. Read More>

Nude models help artists see the truth When it comes to her part-time modeling job, Laura Stokes has nothing to hide. Stokes, 27 of Pittsburgh, models in the nude for art students at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. In the past four years, she's posed for at least 25 different sessions. "You kind of get past that feeling of awkwardness," she says. "It's so funny; you catch yourself by surprise by thinking, 'Wow, I'm naked in front of a bunch of people I don't know.' " Read more: Nude models help artists see the truth - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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