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Writings and Interviews

Kroki - snabba skisser - Croquis - quick sketches

Guest Columnist: Painting nude models interesting, a little awkward Shock hits me first, then the inevitable embarrassment. Standing before my very eyes is the girl who fixes my coffee and she is completely nude. Read More>
Interview: Richard Baneham Gets Oscar Animated Richard describes the atmosphere of the college concisely, saying: "The very nature of Ballyfermot is that it is a vocational school and I think that speaks volumes for the kids that come through it. There are some fine teachers there, especially where visual language training and life drawing is concerned." Read More>
Artist competition to capture the scenes at this year's Arnold The Arnold Sports Festival has gained international renown for the displays of physical strength that take place there each year, but some of this year's competitors will be flexing their artistic muscles instead. The Art at the Arnold competition is a new addition to this year's Arnold Sports Festival, which runs Thursday through Sunday, March 4-7. Read More>
The life of a model student Junior Stephanie MacDonald talks about posing in the nude Read More>
Do you doodle on your papers in class? Do you find yourself perusing museums and think, "Hey, I could make something better than that." Are you an artist? Do you find beauty in everyday life? Are you seriously considering pursuing a career in art? If you answered yes to one, a few, or all of these questions, than the Pre-College summer program at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) may be right for you. - The Bluebird Word Read More>
Beggars into the classroom when the body is a half-day income 100 yuan figure model Meizhou Jiaying University Fine Arts Department Read More>
Shanghaimeizhuan model drawing classes In 1925, the president of the Shanghai Art College Liu Haisu Western Painting, due to start in Shanghai, the first nude female model painting and body painting on display, causing the uproar in society. Read More>
Mannequins into the Art Classroom Art majors and artists in the eyes of the human body model is the embodiment of beauty; in the eyes of ordinary people, the human model is very mysterious, and avant-garde. "From the beginning of 2004, no one application, and now some active participation, this is a big change." Yesterday, in the YIli Normal University College of the Arts, Art Teacher Fan Tieshan the hospital told reporters, human models show not only a kind of beauty, but also Hi people show recognition and respect for this profession. Fan Tieshan said that as an important part of teaching art foundation, Yili Teachers College back in 2004 on the establishment of a human body model. Has suffered no model, no registration of the embarrassing situation. Read More>
China mannequin for 50 years: 80 years have been crazy mannequins China's first human body model, founded Shanghaimeizhuan in Liu Hai-su, 1917, the U.S. special exhibit of human performance exercises drawing mannequins suddenly triggered a storm, led to Sun Chuanfang intervention. As the first practical way to introduce this art educator, Liu Hai-su was dismissed as "art a traitor" use and the prohibition of the struggle began. Read More>
"Mannequins are Ji Pin (non-professional), body good, good temperament, the main service on college students copying paintings, works not published to ensure that no single course ... ..." Recently, some of the talent market in Harbin quietly appeared nude model intermediary companies, their external recruitment or hire nude models. While body art is gradually being accepted by people, but the naked body art star - nude model, is still controversial in society a special group. How do some people actually went nude model agency, nude model in which is how a state of work, what kind of professional status outside, what kind of life lived ... ... Recently, this reporter conducted an interview understanding that a number of outsiders to the bare die can not be moved to look into living conditions Read More>
I Got Naked for Money: Adventures in art modeling So I meet this guy tattooed, pierced, artist-type while I'm doing an interview with a boutique owner. He mentions that he's involved with a weekly drawing class a friend of his runs out of his apartment. I mention that sometimes I pose for art classes. Read More>
Live models go buff for the bucks Along with driving University buses and working for Parking Services during football games, nude modeling tops the list of the best-paying student jobs on campus. According to Charles Westfall, the modeling coordinator for the Lamar Dodd School of Art, live models the preferred term for nude models make $10 per hour. Read More>
Priced-out Londoners turn to empty homes "We're a bit spoilt for choice when it comes to properties. In central London there's a plethora of prime real estate that's simply going to waste," said Dan Simon, whose squatter movement took over the Leicester Square block. His artistic group, called The Oubliettes, is making a habit of occupying top London buildings, where they show their work and hold art classes. -Telegraph, UK - Read More>
Laid bare: The art of nude modeling at the 'U' You know that dream that everyone has when you wake up and you're in the middle of a classroom and you're naked?" Colleen Cirocco asked rhetorically. "I'm over that." Read More>
Nude models help students at MSJC's Menifee Valley campus capture human for Mayuri Dasi's bare flesh became a textbook Wednesday. In a classroom with a screen blocking the view from outside the front door, 30 or so aspiring artists studied and sketched Dasi as the fully naked woman struck poses on a platform. Read More>
Live models go buff for the bucks Chelsea's and Toppers aren't the only places in Athens where students can make the big bucks by taking it all off. Along with driving University buses and working for Parking Services during football games, nude modeling tops the list of the best-paying student jobs on campus. According to Charles Westfall, the modeling coordinator for the Lamar Dodd School of Art, live models the preferred term for nude models make $10 per hour. Read More>
Study uncovers facts about artists' modeling in revealing interviews GAINESVILLE, Fla. Women who appear nude as artists' models are more concerned about losing their pose than removing their clothes, a new University of Florida study finds. Read More>
Hail to the Buff - An inside look at one of GW's and D.C.'s lesser-known communities
Work study offers students choices in unusual fields As a figure drawing model, Ann Arbor resident Kaite Ripple performs natural life poses for figure drawing and painting classes. Duration of poses may vary from a series of short "gesture" poses of two to five minutes, to longer poses of 20 to 30 minutes. Models are paid $10 per hour. Read More>
Mannequins double life: Bare in the name of art Fine Arts Academy in the classroom, Chen Pi-G model is ideal, students sketch the object. Read More>
Who opened the country with the human body model for art education in the first of its kind? It seems that Li Shutong should be our first introduction to the human body art model classroom teaching, but then used the method of female models, can never test data, know. Can imagine that at that time would be more difficult for female models. Therefore, the first use of female models who naturally should be the Liu Hai-su. Read More>
Naaktmodellen in museum betast Een aantal bezoekers van het Museum of Modern Arts (MoMa) in New York hebben wat moeite om hun handen thuis te houden. Een geruchtmakend werk van kunstenaar Marina Abramovic wordt regelmatig betast. Het gaat om twee naaktmodellen, een man en een vrouw. Read More>
Mannelijk naaktmodel in museum blijkt exhibitionist NEW YORK - Enkele weken geleden meldden we al dat de bezoekers in het Museum voor Moderne Kunst in New York zich tussen naaktmodellen moesten wringen om van de ene naar de andere zaal te gaan. Read More>
Museumbezoekers wringen zich tussen naakte vrouwen NEW YORK - In het Museum voor Moderne Kunst in New York loopt een wel heel merkwaardige tentoonstelling. De bezoekers moeten zich tussen twee poedelnaakte vrouwen wringen om van de ene zaal in de andere te komen. Read More>
Two dozen artists longing to draw from life and decided to practice. Seven nights in a row they were going in a private gallery, and with great enthusiasm bore down on paper images of young men dressed and naked beauties. Read More>
Feministist kunstnik kirjutas meeste hdad modelli ihule Read More>
"Kui leiame modelli, hakkame kibekhku silma ja ktt harjutama, et siis oma aktimaal teha," tles kunstnik Riho Htt ja mrkis, et katmata inimkeha kujutamist on viljeletud juba ammustest aegadest ning antiikkunsti kangelased olid enamasti alasti. Read More> Life drawing plien aire Naked model or clothed, Emmanuelle Duchesse proved to be a beautiful charming and nubile model for some 11 very talented artists' life drawing in varied styles near Itzac. Read More.
"My body, anti-monuments among the statues" The nudes of Beecroft in Carrara Performance laboratory Genoese artist Nicoli Hundreds queued to be present at 'exhibition. Read more>
Fine art models dispel myths about posing nude WINNIPEG - Since taking her first uncertain steps into a University of Manitoba sketch class eight years ago, The Record, Winnipeg... Read More>
Artist Daily Debuts New Free eBook: 13 Life Drawing Techniques.
Model displayed in window of ArtEstee as part of life-drawing exercise SHOPPERS got more than they bargained for when they strolled through York and saw a semi-nude model on display in the city centre. Read More> Fata cu nuduri - A young artist, Theodora Flavia, who is unable to exhibit her figure drawings in Romania finds success in Istanbul. Read More>

Piesainiuose - ir pamyletos moterysNuogos moters kersatas dailininkui - provokacija. Read More>
Posing nude: Where would you draw the line? From masters like Pablo Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci to contemporary greats like Andy Warhol and Brett Whitley, the human form has inspired artists for centuries. Read More>

Connecting with self, life and drawing na Pereira de Vlieg: All of us crave a connection with self and there is no better way than to do it through art. Drawing with the senses was a project I attempted eagerly. Today had a different feel to it. Today our focused and selfless hat that goes with being a mother was to be replaced by an artist's beret. An intriguing women artist and teacher from Nigeria was in town. With great excitement, we would be travelling to Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal, to attend a live figure drawing class under Hermine Coleman's instruction. Read More>

Confessions of an 'undraped' art model Read More>

Taking It Off For Art As her robe falls to the floor, Nancy Vargas' heart begins to beat faster. It takes a few minutes to forget she's naked, standing on a platform in the middle of a classroom. Vargas is a nude model employed by the Humboldt State Art Department. Nude models allow art students to learn how to draw the human formone of the hardest figures to draw. Read More>

Aktmalerei als Bewerbungstraining fr junge Kunstler Read More>

Underneath your clothes, the art of the human body Students at Oxnard College were greeted by a live naked model in Ichiro Irie's Life Drawing class to understand the fundamentals of art with the human body. Read More>

Models shed clothes, stigmas for sake of art classes
Read More>

Art models make still life a career

The door to Room 355 opened and Wehe-Moody approached the five judges. After answering their questions about her experience and motivations, she removed her robe, climbed onto the rickety platform in the center of the classroom and, dressed only in her birthday suit, struck a pose. Read More> Sue MacLaine's play about Francis Bacon's muse invites the audience to bring sketchpads. - theatre blog - In May, performer and playwright Sue MacLaine will strip naked in the life-drawing studio of Brighton's Phoenix gallery for a play about Henrietta Moraes, artists' model and queen of the 50s Soho set.Read More>


"Many of our own classes utilize nude models," Benjamin Withers, professor of medieval art history and art department chair, said. "These courses range from introductory drawing classes open to all UK students to advanced courses in drawing, photography and painting, just to name a few." Read More>

Eine Frage der Proportionen Uetersener Kunstprofessor Erhard Gttlicher hlt Aktzeichnen fr eine gute bung zur richtigen Perspektiv-Wahl Read More>

When the Central Academy of Fine Art experience body painting naked scene Memories of the Central Academy of Fine Arts after the Cultural Revolution, Chen Danqing the first human body model. Read More>
Ein Aktmodell mit Flle und leichter Eleganz Der gelernte Schlosser Rainer Rohrmoser ist als Aktmodell ein geschtzter Profi. An seiner Figur ben auch die Studenten des Tbinger Universittszeicheninstituts (siehe auch neben stehenden Artikel). Read More>

Who does not want to draw a naked girl For ten years running in Netanya workshop participants draw a naked girl and sometimes a naked man. Is there sexual tension in the air? Depends who you ask. Read More>

Die Kunst, ber Kunst zu schreiben Figrliches Zeichnen/Akt I" stand fr Mitarbeiter Tim Walther auf dem Programm. Die Erfahrungen seines Selbstversuchs rund um Nackedeis in der Kunst und Proportionslehre hat er dokumentiert: Read More>
150 Menschen zeichneten nach Aktmodellen Aktzeichnen fr alle in der Kunsthalle das gab es noch nie. Read More>
Auf dem Weg zum Allesknner Anerkannte Talentschmiede: die Modeschule Stuttgart Es ist ganz still im Zeichensaal. Nur gelegentlich hrt man das Kratzen eines Stiftes auf Papier: 24 hochkonzentrierte junge Leute ben Aktzeichnen. Wer Mode machen will", sagt Sabine Dirlewanger leise, Leiterin der Staatlichen Modeschule Stuttgart, der muss erst einmal den menschlichen Krper kennen." Stille Stunden im Zeichensaal gehren daher zum Programm. (It is very quiet in the art room. Only occasionally do we hear the scratching of a pen on paper: life drawing practice 24 highly focused young people. "Who wants to do fashion," says Sabine Dirlewanger quietly, head of the State Fashion School Stuttgart.) Read More>
Art imitating life The circumference of the classroom speckled with paint- stained, high-front-stools, col- ored the mosaic of students, instructor and subject preparing for class. Tablets of paper and charcoal instruments were un- packed and positioned as the ife model disrobed. Stepping onto the carpeted latform, the young man sat completely naked on stool, his arms behind his back. A group of young men and women surrounding him quietly gazed on, endering life on paper. The very beginning of artistry is conceived in the introductory courses of life drawing.
CSUCI opens entertainment studio The studio, funded by a donation from Mike Curb, a local musician, politician and philanthropist, was built as part of a $1.5 million renovation of Napa Hall, which houses the art department. Students going into the entertainment field often need a grounding in art, such as a class in life drawing, Reilly said. Daniel Larkins, 20, has found that's true in animation. "You have to understand the proportions, the mass of the object to animate it," said Larkins, who was working on an animated figure walking. - CSU Channel Islands Read More>
Grace Nichols models for a Life Drawing class and expresses her philosophy on posing nude A room filled with easels, paint brushes, drawing pencils and the medium of the artist's choice. They sit at their chairs and prepare their supplies. A young woman strolls in and slowly begins unloading her bags.and clothes. Layer by layer she peels off clothing and eventually walks in front of the artists-nude-to position herself. - Georgia College and State University Read More>
Battersea Arts Centre preparing for Lynch mob For David Lynch fans there is a life-drawing class this Saturday as part of the David Lynch season at London's Battersea Arts Centre and as part of this month's The Big Draw celebrations. Read More>
Arts Workshop Anniversary The Trinity Arts Workshop this month celebrates its 50th Anniversary. The Workshop, founded in 1960 and originally known as the Dublin University Arts Workshop, has a colourful and fascinating history the members plan to celebrate through a number of different events. In 1968 the society became the first to host open life drawing classes with nude models, attracting several well-known artists who posed for the students such as John Behan and Eamonn O'Doherty. Musicians were also welcomed, with visits from the Horslips and Jazz Therapy. Read More> Underneath your clothes, the art of the human body Students at Oxnard College were greeted by a live naked model in Ichiro Irie's Life Drawing class to understand the fundamentals of art with the human body. Read More>
English life drawing class available in Seoul Artist Mike Stewart is on a mission to get people in Seoul sketching, painting and drawing the world around them, in all its 3-D glory. Read More> Art models make still life a career On a Sunday morning in August, before the students were back in session, a young woman dressed in a silky yellow robe and flip-flops paced slowly outside a classroom in UC Berkeley's Kroeber Hall. She was there for an audition. Read More>
Naked with strangers: An interview with a life model Victor Naden Robinson isn't the first person that comes to mind when thinking of a life model. - The YorkerRead More>
Drawing the student body -College of William and MaryRead More>
Two galleries have nudity issue covered Chris Hays of The Door Art Gallery in Fresno gets the nod for most clever marketing gimmick of the month. Playing off the popular annual "Nudes in November" art show at the Chris Sorensen Studio, 2223 S. Van Ness Ave., Hays is countering with a show titled "Not So Nude in November." It features work by artists who have been attending figure-drawing sessions at the gallery. Read More>
Degas Drawings and Sketchbooks' review: drawings show his Fascination with bodies in motion Morgan Library, New York
Die Kunst, ber Kunst zu schreiben Kupferdreh. ber Kunst schreiben und Kunst machen" sind zwei Paar Schuhe. Diese profunde Erfahrung machte unser Mitarbeiter Tim Walther in der Freien Akademie der bildenden Knste (fadbk). Von Nackedeis in der Kunst und den Tcken der Proportionslehre. Read More>
"Denk einfach, vor dir sitzt Blumenkohl" Sich ausziehen vor 35 fremden Leuten? Kunststudenten finden Aktzeichnen normal. Doch fr Nathalie Grohte war das erste Mal als Model eine Mutprobe - und ein Selbstversuch als Reporterin: Sonderbare Bilder entstanden - und hinterher tat ihr alles weh. Read More>
Renmin University of China Art and Design student is a body model. Read More>
Read More>
Eine Frage der Proportionen Uetersener Kunstprofessor Erhard Gttlicher hlt Aktzeichnen fr eine gute bung zur richtigen Perspektiv-Wahl Read More>

A nervous Louise Schwartzkoff becomes a life model for a day in the name of art. Read More>

Sie sind jung und brauchen das Geld Mit ohne: Das Aktmodell Vierzig Augenpaare sind auf mich gerichtet. Ich stehe auf einem Podest. Nackt. Im Raum herrscht konzentrierte Stille. Mein Puls rast. Sitzen meine Haare richtig? Bei meinem ersten Einsatz als Aktmodell fr Modedesignstudenten der Fachhochschule Hannover bin ich furchtbar nervs trotz intensiver Krperpflege. Selbst meine Fingerngel habe ich gefeilt. Eine Freundin hatte mir den Job verschafft. Meine Anspannung lst sich jedoch schnell, denn die Studenten arbeiten professionell und sind nett. Kein Kichern, kein Tuscheln, nur Zeichnen. Read More>
Nude installation stops shoppers, Michael Lett - Auckland, New Zealand
Nude models pose for art's sake - The art school looks for models for painting, drawing and sculpting. In an art class, exposing yourself is not only a metaphorical concept, but also often a literal one. Nude modeling for the art school is an activity practiced by many MU students. Read More>
Confessions of a Nude Artist's Model: Two Exhilarating Experiences Ever consider stripping down to make a buck? There's one job out there that involves nudity, but without the distressing (and often illegal) sexual element that comes along with being naked on the job. Here are two exhilarating stories of women who conquered their embarrassment and became nude artist's models. Turns out it's a job that's good for both the pocketbook and the ego. Read More>
The naked truth about nude art Xiao Yu (not her real name) smiled as she flipped through her favorite photo album - a collection of nude portraits she recently posed for at a Beijing studio. Read More>
Bare Essentials They are paid a pittance, and keep their work a secret. But they say it's good to be works of art. The nude models of India's art schools and their special body language. Read More>
Naaktmodel lokt leerlingen Saturday in Hasselt there were five naked models in a shop window. The Hasselt art school wanted to attract new pupils. Read More>

Naked: a glimpse of life Drawing nude model Be in front of people, alone, when everyone looked at you, you without clothes. Read More>

Marathon naked into the night Marathon will be held at the Avni Institute "Blue Night", all are welcome, do not forget to bring brushes and brushes. A small overview on the state of Israel nude model Read More>

On the Town: Figure model says posing in the buff is 'freeing' Read More>
Noel-Baza will present Drawing Theresa, a unique event with Tijuana-born, Brooklyn-based artist Hugo Crosthwaite, whose work is featured in Djikstra's book. Crosthwaite will do a live drawing with a nude woman (Theresa) as his canvas,
Artists sought for 13th Orlando Nude Nite Nude Nite, a nouveau art event inspired by the nude seeks art from all media for its upcoming 2011 shows in Orlando, Feb. 10-12 and in Tampa, March 3-5.

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