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Writings and Interviews

FEATURE: Dare to Bare
Daily, in a myriad of campuses across the globe, robes are dropped in classrooms. Bodies perch and bend and stretch, stepping into invisible frames. They align feet and hands with strips of masking tape on the floor. Spotlights are craned. Familiar shadows emerge. The artists raise their charcoal. - Read More>
Stock still and stark naked
Television viewers are getting a taste of how artists go about drawing life models with a series of classes on Channel 4. But what is it like to pose naked for art? - BBC News Read More>
Model poses nude for Life Class art show... on DAYTIME TV
Lunchtime TV is well known as the preserve of news bulletins, women's talk shows, Australian soap re-runs and cosy family dramas.
So you can imagine the surprise when mothers sitting down with their children flicked over to Channel 4 yesterday and were greeted by a fully naked woman. Read More>
Link to the episodes.
Flickr sample episode.
Nudes of the World at Loading Dock Gallery
It was a pivotal moment in 1959 when a high school classmate took Greenwald to his first figure-drawing class. "I had never seen a live nude model before, but after a minute or so of trepidation, I began to draw. And immediately I was hooked. There was something about the abstract beauty of the figure Ń plus the model's inherent humanness, sensuality and personality Ń that I wanted to capture."Read More >

The Naked and the Dead
It is my experience that at most Israeli advocacy events, a whole mess of Jewish people congregate together, hiding from their goy friends and shiksa girlfriends, listening to the same true, but tired, facts and pretending to be artsy, cool and hip in the hopes of seeing a co-religionist naked. Artists 4 Israel's inaugural (S)kin event, a monthly, meaningful, life-drawing class featuring nude, Israel models, was exactly the opposite. From the beginning, the Jewish girls were already naked. Read More> Pictures
Aktzeichnen: ćErotik finden Sie doch anderswo viel besserŅ
†ber das fehlende Prickeln im Zeichensaal und warum Aktzeichnen den KŸnstler zwar vieles, ćdas SubjektiveŅ aber letztlich doch nicht lehren kann: Ein erhellender Besuch an der UniversitŠt fŸr angewandte Kunst. Read More>
Uni-Aktmodell - Sich ausziehen vor 35 fremden Leuten? Kunststudenten finden Aktzeichnen normal. Doch fŸr Nathalie Grohte war das erste Mal als Model eine Mutprobe - und ein Selbstversuch als Reporterin: Sonderbare Bilder entstanden - und hinterher tat ihr alles weh. Read More>
Viktor Giacobbo unterrichtet Akt-Malen - previous der Spiegel article has a staged picture Read More>
Art School Confidential: An Interview with Artist Michael Alan - "After this pose is over, we're going to put the model on the TV," Michael Alan declares during a figure drawing session in his loft in Williamsburg. Soon, a naked man with hot-dogs taped to his face strides into the room yelling: "Who wants a dog?" And from then on, it only gets more surreal. Read More>
Getting your kit off for art's sake - Ruskin called drawing 'an instrument of investigation'. It's as natural to children as role-play and running. But we lose the skill with our dawning self-consciousness and fear of error. Yet looking closely helps us to feel more keenly, and engage with the world. And in a culture of instant gratification, where we increasingly detach ourselves from our bodies Š through drugs, surgery, or virtual reality Š the exercise of stopping and simply looking is refreshing. It's life affirming. Read More>
Julie, 24, is an artists' model. She poses nude for life drawing classes - Now life modelling has become a kind of meditation for me. It gives me a special time when I can just be still and reflect on my life. I suppose I have an invisible shell which protects me like a turtle. I retreat inside myself and let my mind wander. Read More>

Nude Sketch Demonstration
The Gallery - Peter Chan Like other young boys in Hong Kong, Peter's first exposure to the popular arts centered around anime imported from Japan like Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya. His family relocated to Canada when he was eight years old, and after spending years copying characters and scenes from the popular anime, Peter asked his parents if he could enroll in special art classes. - Anime News Network Read More >
Hipsters, slackers and nude models congregate over at (S)kin Life Drawing ClassAfter having recently written the article on Artists 4 Israel's inaugural (S)kin Life Drawing class, I was graciously welcomed to the second. It was held at Sabon's flagship store on Spring Street in Soho, a beautiful if not unusual venue for an art class. Read More>
Models enhance classroom experience - Standing completely naked in front of a classroom full of students is not a nightmare for Olivia Hernandez Ń it's her job. Read More> Art courses: still life, but not as we know it.
Three artists and the human body - John Singer Sargent, Walter Sickert and Stanley Spencer, triple focus of a new exhibition at Cambridge's Fitzwilliam Museum - Fanancial Times Read More>
Original fine art Life Drawings - Life drawings of the female nude, created by Rhoda Grossman between 1988 and 1992. Read More>
Frank Lobdell: Figure Drawings - Stanford University - Iris and B Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts - Read More>

Nackte zeichnen will gelernt sein- Eine nackte Frau liegt im Garten des BrŸcke-Museums. Um sie herum sitzen zwanzig Frauen und MŠnner, studieren ihre Proportionen. Konzentriert versuchen sie, die Kšrperlinien auf Zeichenblšcke zu Ÿbertragen. Nach 15 Minuten klingelt der Wecker. Das Modell nimmt eine andere Pose ein, die Zeichnenden beginnen von Neuem. Jeden Sonntag ist Aktzeichen-MatinŽe im BrŸcke-Museum fŸr alle Interessierten. Read More> Virtual pen and paper Digital technology helps MATC students sketch
The life drawings sketched in a new class at Milwaukee Area Technical College can leap to life using digital technology that makes pencils and paper passŽ. - Milwaulee Wisconsin Journal-SentinelRead More>
Would you strip off for £10 per hour? JOURNALIST Marissa Burgess has been baring all to supplement her income by working as a life model and here she explains the pros and cons of stripping off to earn some extra cash. Read More>
Art shows for Newcastle - ART will breathe life into Newcastle later this month when the city hosts three premier shows celebrating the harbour, community art and a little-known but internationally successful cartoonist. One of the shows is in memory of cartoonist and illustrator Reg Russom, who was a staff artist on the New York Times in the early years of last century. He died in Newcastle in 1952 and the city has a large collection of his work that shows the skill of drawing from life. - The Herald, Australia Read More>
INTERVIEW: Dash Shaw! In age of electronic media, there still is nothing like the real thing - The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century Read More> "There is so much narrative that goes into it," said Clark, an art and art history and economics double major from Greenwich, Conn. "There is so much symbolism behind each small character and drawing. We learned about how the illustrations were important for explaining the story." Read More>
A few good nudes - Art schools are body surfing, looking for models in all shapes, sizes, colors. Drawing diverse forms makes a better artist Read More>
ANDREAS DEJA was an impressionable 11-year-old Polish boy growing up in Germany when he saw his first Walt Disney cartoon, The Jungle Book.
To say that it made quite an impression on the youngster is an understatement.
"My head was spinning and my life was changed overnight," he says, during a trip to the UK for the premiere of The Princess And The Frog, which marks Disney's return to hand-drawn animation. Read More>
Novato digital studio highlights its employees' other artistic inclinations Despite the struggling economy, the 300 or so employees at IMD, located across from the community foundation in a converted airplane hangar, are offered company-provided enrichment classes in subjects such as sculpture and life figure drawing with live models...
Barely there: Nude modeling - Imagine a typical drawing studio. Naturally, this studio includes strategic lighting, canvases, students and the subject. Read More>
Alison Kellom, a 29-year-old layout technical director at IMD, was classically trained as a realism and old master technique artist after graduating from Redwood High in 1998...Read More>
A Pilgrim's Progress Amanda Ahlstrom ST: What made you want to do comics? AA: I've always liked to draw. But I really wasn't interested in comics until manga started getting popular. - Sequential Tart Read More>
Shedding inhibitions What made you want to do nude modeling? - It was something that I wanted to do sort of as a challenge to myself, and sort of to prove that I could walk the walk, because I definitely talked the talk. - The Western Front, Western Washington University Read More>
Drawing naked men and jetting around the world: Who says you're past it at 92? Last week, I signed up to a new life-drawing class. Nothing amazing about that, you might think - but I am 92, so each new experience is a blessing. Read more> Her Book: Somewhere Towards the End: A Memoir Make your own luck A Chinese New Year's tale of following your dreams to find the perfect career. Although Yong Chen illustrated other children's books, A Gift is the first the Nashua artist also wrote. Read More>
Vi burde alle bli nakenmodeller! (We should all be naked models!) Read More>

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