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Writings and Interviews

Learning curve
THE studios were the art schools in the Renaissance. Artists taught by example; young hopefuls worked as their assistants and learnt alongside them. It was only when formal art teaching was introduced in the 18th Century that this direct link between teaching and practice was broken. Read More >
Museum draws the line on live nudes
ALBANY - The full monty will no longer be on display at the State Museum. Read More >
Visual arts notes: Impressive body of work at The Leonardo
Resurrection?     After all that has already been said about The Leonardo's funding - with more, of course, to come - let's hope that the doors really do open Sept. 19 to the Body Worlds 3 exhibit expected to draw attention to the fledgling science, technology and art center. The show includes more than 200 specimens, organs and whole bodies, that have undergone "plastination," an after-death procedure that halts decomposition and preserves the body for medical study. Read More > Art class imitates life
IT'S not a breast, it's an oval. It's not a penis, it's a cylinder. It's not a buttock, it's a circle.Read More>
NYC art-school models: Candace, Clothed, nude and interviewed. Time Out New York
Time Out New York: How did you get into art modeling? Candace Mills: I recently sold the green cleaning company I founded in Memphis six years ago and moved to New York. I decided to do the quintessential moving-to–New York job: become a nude art model. It's like, What could I do full-time that I can't do in Memphis?.Read More>
A pair to draw to Philbrook exhibits show draftsmanship
For centuries, a drawing was little more than a starting point for artists. Never mind how much effort was expended, how detail was used to create an image on paper with pen and ink, charcoal stylus, a wash of watercolor, a graphite pencil. The result was always just a means to a greater end — a painting or a sculpture.Read More>
Campers immersed in art world
Learning to draw, paint and sculpt is serious fun at art museum camp in downtown Fort Lauderdale. - Miami Herald Read More>
Learning From Life
Privately held live figure drawing classes with totally naked models, though not very common here in Thailand, draw quite an attention from people who have passion in art. - Bangkok Post Read More>
Life Drawing Reframes Medicine
Drawing not only develops hand-eye coordination, it teaches one to really observe, to see, as nothing else ever will. -- Marculewicz - One must always draw, draw with the eyes, when one cannot draw with a pencil. -- Balthus - Art and medicine have been connected since the beginning of time — on cave walls, in Greek sculpture, on canvases by Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dix, Picasso, Kahlo, and Wyeth. When things go wrong, when disabilities and illnesses occur, when suffering persists, visual artists record these general and intimate stories using unique tools and colors. Read More>

Swindon Life Model: The Naked Truth, Stripped naked and scrutinised for hours by a room full of strangers. Welcome to the world of the life model...

Chen Zui's name has been connected with Nude Art since as early as the 1980s. Read More>

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