The Female Nude by Lynda Nead
Children's Drawings Of The Human Figure
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Akt Kurs

Writings and Interviews

Cordelia tien jaar in 'De Morgen'!:

Ilah (Inge Heremans)


Blog post Tekenaars

Example of Ilah's work

Ophef over naakt stripmeisje

Boekenbeurs: Leesgenot in 130 standjes


Naaktmodellen in Itali‘ zijn in staking gegaan. Zowel vrouwen als mannen hielden donderdag hun kleding aan tijdens een ceremonie bij de opening van La Sapienza, Rome's grootste universiteit.

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ART REVIEW; In the Days When Artists Were Taught How to Draw

First you did eyes, ears and noses, then feet, hands, arms and legs. Then heads: of children, adults and horses. Et voilˆ! You then arrived at the human figure. That was the progression of lessons in The Art of Drawing, a 19th-century manual published in Paris from 1868 to 1871 by a little-known lithographer and painter, Charles Bargue (1826/27-1883), in collaboration with the overripe academic realist Jean-Leon Gerome (1824-1904).


Ashwin Mahesh The Art and Science of Nude Paintings

Das erste Aktmodell

Diana In Classical Art

Salon des refuses 2000 Will a democratic 'Nude' exhibit lead to edgy new art or amateur night? by Linda J. Dimon

painting the nude

Delphi Questions: Nude artwork

Nude artwork to stay at LA airport

ACLU sues city over nude art - The artist says her work was unfairly barred from a civic display about women

My Friends, Naked - Sienna Reid at Collusion Gallery, August 1997 by Alison Gates

Art Scene The nude in sumi - by Fred Harris

Bare skin focus of art exhibit Nude people: The Lexington Art League presents more than 90 works of art

art class

American Art as Reflection of Social Class in the 20th Century

A Studio of Her Own: Women Artists in Boston 1870-1940

NAKED SINCE 1950 Posted by Harriet Zinnes

Naked Truth by Donald Kuspit

NAKED SINCE 1950 October 11 – December 8, 2001

Feisty Early Women Artists Given Boston Show

female model

As a high school art instructor, I've found that one of the most interesting and "touchy" subjects to deal with in art history/appreciation is the inevitable presence of the nude figure.

Nude or naked? Historian, professor join in art debate

Ausstellung des Künstlerin Eva Leopoldi in der Ilmtalklinik

Indus nakna Gangaur

Historien om menneskene og ekteskapet

Durch Zwischenwelten schweben nackte Figuren

Thursday, 6 December, 2001, 16:20 GMT Nude advert ban ends art class

Never Underestimate the Power of Life Drawing Animation World Magazine

My supposed career as an artist's model

Artist and Students Before a Model Elihu Vedder

De aantrekkelijkheid van gemiddelde gezichten Crétien van Campen

The Aphrodite of Knidos and Her Successors: A Historical Review of the Female Nude in Greek Art by Christine Mitchell Havelock

Adam: The Male Figure in Art by Edward Lucie-Smith

Exposed: The Victorian Nude by Alison Smith (Editor)

Tutti Nudi: Reflections on the Nude from the Greeks to the Twenty-First Century: Appreciation, Connoisseurship, and Criticism by Christina Z. Anderson

The Victorian Nude: Sexuality, Morality and Art by Alison Smith

Nothing On The New Yorker

Singapore women: Paint me nude CNN

art class

Phillips Collection has Bonnard show Trentonian

Nudes For Prudes Forbes

Classical touch of an artist out of time The Guardian London

A Leap from the Pedestal

art school model

Artist's Statement: Familiar Men

Laura Moriarty Nude Memoir

Open Studios highlights local artists

The Art and Science of Nude Paintings

model in art school

Model/Artist Terry St John: Figurative Drawings 1961-2001

The Artist And Women

Nude awakening The Guardian, UK

Gender, Nature, & Society in Literature & Art

paint the figure Keith O'Connor

Bodies of Art: French Literary Realism and the Artist's Model
Bodies of Art: French Literary Realism and the Artist’s Model Marie Lathers

Exposed: The Victorian Nude

Nude art prompts closure of exhibition Display installed without approval

The Question: Is it acceptable to paint a nude model in a college-level art class? Why or why not?

NUDE MODEL TELLS ALL by T. Casey Brennan


The invention of the nude in America

MultiMedia Time Line

life drawing model


The Great American Nude in a culture of repression.


art class


Modern modesty For $10 an hour, many of students at Bradley aren’t afraid to shed their threads in the name of art, but most agree that it takes guts to take it all off

Appreciation of Art

Drawing Lessons from Life

Go Figure Nude models animate life drawing classes

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