Other Artists using the Human Form

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Vanessa beecroft

Artists who use the Human Form

Leopold Museum

Performance Nude

Vanessa Beecroft: Performances 1993-2003

Leopold Museum

Jiang Yinfeng - Naked Performance

Cleaning Up from Noah Kalina on Vimeo.

Präsentiert wird eine umfangreiche Bilderauswahl von Larissa Strunowa-Lübke. Die Künstlerin ist anwesend und malt Akt vor einem Modell.

French photographer Erica Simone in her upcoming photography exhibition in NYC this week. "Nue York: Self-Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen" at the Dash Gallery. Read More>

Another Link Erica Simone Nue York

Jemima Stehli

Beijing Nude Performance Art - Performance artist Hairong Took her clothes off in public
Another performance by Hairong Yung
Another nude performance

He Chengyao: Made in China, am from China from Cityofwomen on Vimeo.

He Chengyao, performance art activities.
Another Nude performance by He Chengyao
He Chengyao performance art and video
Explanation He Chengyao

Workers stand next to nude performance art to Eat? In the interpretation of eye candy?


Vanessa Beecroft Links

VB 45

Su Purple Purple Naked Interview
Another link.
Vanessa Beecroft: Photographs, Films, Drawings
Vanessa Beecroft: VB LV
Vanessa Beecroft: Performances 1993-2003
Vanessa Beecroft: Performances

Citigroup photography prize 2002

Elina Brotherus

Elina Brotherus - Baigneurs

Elina Brotherus - Sguardi da nord. Reflecting with Images Palazzina dei Giardini e Palazzo Santa Margherita


Elena Bajo - performance - drawing lessons

Tanja Muravskaja

Tanja Muravskaja

Tanja Muravskaja

Tanja Muravskaja

Elina Brotherus - on flickr

Lesson - Elina Brotherus 2001

Image Image Image

The three artists' Artist at Work exhibition of the artist and the model of mixed roles. When Elina Brotherus, posing as a model for painters,...

Katy Grannan

Katy Grannan: Model American Working with ordinary people who answered ads in local papers, posing them in their nondescript homes or unexceptional landscapes, and using relatively simple equipment, Katy Grannan alchemizes these factors into extraordinary photographs. Disarming for their directness and for the provocative but casual nudity on display, her pictures capture the spirit of her subjects in the manner of Diane Arbus, but they also draw upon the artificial, posed tableaux of Gregory Crewsdon and, indeed, art history.

Katy Grannan

Katy Grannan: Dream America

Katy Grannan: Model American

Katy Grannan

Katy Grannan: Model American

Katy Grannan

Sarah Small Tableau Vivant
Another Link


Naked los angeles Filmmaker
Naked Los Angeles by Greg Friedler

Naked London


Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin (Tate Modern Art)

Tracey Emin (Tate Modern Art)

The Art of Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin gibt der Fotograf Scott Douglas den Blick vor, den die Künstlerin für ihre Arbeiten wählt

Tracy Emin

Sam Taylor-Wood and Tracy Emin

Marina Abramovic

Moving Pictures: Contemporary Photography and Video from the Guggenheim Collection
Vortex Of Silence
Marina Abramovic: Seven Easy Pieces
Marina Abramovic: Student Body

Marina Abramovic & Ulay - Relation Work (1976 - 1979)

Marina Abramovic by Laurie Anderson

Tanja Ostojic, SPAN2 (2001) from Stuart Buchanan on Vimeo.

Global Feminisms: Tanja Ostojic

Tanja Ostojic

Marina Abramovic -  Museo  Global

Marina Abramovic: PERFORMANCES 1975-76


Intervista a Marina Abramovi?, 10 settembre 2005

Emma - Marina Abramovi

The 10th International Performance Art Festival "Castle of Imagination" 30th Aug. - 4th Sept. 2002

Pipilotti Rist

Studente loopt poedelnaakt door Rotterdam
A 21-year-old student of the Academy of Arts has walked naked Monday through the city of Rotterdam. She wanted by way of experiment to see what reactions that would provoke by bystanders. They therefore had a camera to film around the reactions of the people on the street to use for a study project.
Een 21-jarige studente van de Kunstacademie heeft maandag poedelnaakt door de binnenstad van Rotterdam gelopen. Ze wilde bij wijze van experiment kijken wat voor reacties dat zou uitlokken bij omstanders. Ze had daarom een camera bij zich om de reacties van de mensen op de straat op te nemen. De gefilmde beelden wil ze gaan gebruiken voor een studieproject.
Studente poedelnaakt door Rotterdam

Katarzyna Kozyra


Rezaar Amesh

Metsan Poika - Bare Necessities

Kika Nicolela>> Portfolio 2009 from kika nicolela on Vimeo.

Alessandra Cestac

São Paulo também tem as intervenções irreverentes da iconoclasta Alessandra Cestac, que é artista.

Alessandra Cestac - Desnudos públicos

Alessandra Cestac

Alessandra Cestac: Nackt gegen die Wand

preview of a personal project with Alessandra Cestac (the model and co-author), mixing photos and painting.

Alessandra Cestac and Tony de Marco

portfolio | alessandra cestac

alessandra cestac

Alessandra Cestac - Brasil

Mulher pelada "pára" o trânsito nas ruas de São Paulo

Anomalias e FLAP em São Paulo

A artista plástica Alessandra Cestac, em foto de João Wainer para a série Nua na Rua

Exposição de lambe-lambes e lançamento de livro de fotos animam domingão na House of Erik!a Palomino

Peladona das ruas de São Paulo é descoberta na House of Erik!a Palomino

ECCE - Video-installatie van Alexis Destoop en Alexander Baervoets
ECCE - Video-installatie van Alexis Destoop en Alexander Baervoets Als in een laatmiddeleeuwse triptiek poseren een naakte man en vrouw op twee panelen, het middelste paneel blijft zwart.

Alessandra Cestac

Dasniya Sommer

Dasniya Sommer

Blog entry about Dasniya Sommer

dasniya sommer shibari performance artist

Video link forDasniya Sommer




Stefanie Trojan

Fiona Banner

Fiona Banner

Performance Nude

Kira O'Reilly - Quiver (Pieta Performance)
Kira O'Reilly )

Kira O'Reilly - Spill Festval
Kira O'Reilly - Spill Festival
Kira O'Reilly - Spill Festival

Bridget Irish : performance artist / entertainer

Jennifer Locke

Lillian Frei

Vanessa Blaylock

Tang Jiali body art photo
"Tang Jiali body art photo" recently by the People's Fine Arts Publishing House. Allegedly, it is a "bold" individual human pictures. Tang Jiali said: "The shooting this photo set, I hesitated for a long time; publication of this album, I really think about over and over again, and finally make a determined effort. I believe I did nothing wrong.

Dong Jie + Cai Qing works: Contemporary Art of Adam and Eve
Qianti 2009 Performance Art Festival
More links to Dong Jie and Cai Quin

Traffic congestion caused by body art photography in China

Early Chinese body phototgraphy Early Chinese master of photography, Mr. Lang Ching-shan shot the first one the body photography. Today, the site seems very normal photo of a human body has become China's first photo. Painting girls, the "China's first human" Mannequins surnamed Zhang. Four days later, she was a thorough beating by his father, therefore, for their courageous act has paid a heavy price. Although she may not be the first model of a human body (Xu Beihong, Pan Yu-liang paintings of early masters such as private employment has also been the human body model). But the painting and photography, after all, there are essential differences. Their courage to break through the traditional concept of the spirit of bondage admirable!

Marina's Unexpected Nude Speaks Out

The knife is real, the blood is real, and the emotions are real.  Robert Ayers in conversation with Marina Abramovic


Bemerkungen Live - Akt - Performance
Bowery Art Show
Lazarides Gallery Art Show - Zevs
Awst & Walther
Awst & Walther

Fitzgerald and Stapleton at the Chocolate Factory choreograph.net
Fitzgerald & Stapleton - The Smell of Want
Liza Morozova
MYSELFnude Una mujer vestida solo con un burka se ha paseado por la plaza de los Àngels de Barcelona

Sofie Greff

Ewa Partum During the opening of the exhibition Ewa Partum, standing naked in front of the audience read out a statement that will be performed naked, as long as women - the artist does not reach a position equal to men-artists.

Ewa Partum belongs to the first generation of the conceptual avant-garde in Poland in the 1960s and 1970s and is a pioneer of feminist art.

Daleko od "Stupid woman" czyli rozmowa z Ewa Partum

EWA PARTUM. Samoidentyfikacja 11 pazdziernika - 5 listopada 2006

Ewa Partum

Ewa Partum

Zmiana. Mój problem jest problemem kobiety

Ewa Partum, Promesses du passé
Uploaded by centrepompidou. - Independent web videos.
Uploaded by THEMYRYAN. - Independent web videos.

Alicja Zebrowska


Yingmei Duan

Yingmei Duan

Yingmei Duan

Nude Performance - Painter and Model

A-Y/Y-A - Andree Weschler, Yingmei Duan from Galeria Labirynt on Vimeo.

Yingmei Duan

Yingmei Duan - Venus from Rubbish<

Jessica Yatrofsky

Jessica Yatrofsky Performance Male Nude

Jessica Yatrofsky book release

Jessica Yatrofsky and the new male nude

Jessica Yatrofsky

I Heart Boy

Malou Swinnen De Pose
Another link
Malou Swinnen Les guerriers de la beauté Les danseurs de Fabre

Caleb Jones Lyons - The Artist is the Model - Digital Video.


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Sarah Small Sarah Small -living picture projects

Sarah Small -videos
Another post

mynakedtruth.tv politics from the heart

Aleksandra Kubiak, 11thInternational Performance Art Festival CASTLE OF IMAGINATION
Sedzia Glowny (Chief Judge): Polish Performance Art
Another Aleksandra Kubiak link

Lai Thi Dieu Ha takes off her clothes and covers herself eith feathers at the

Body Action Painting - Thomas Numberger Fotografie, Fotodokumentation, Aktkunst und Bodyactionpainting

Girogirotondo - Franco Losvizzero - Premio Celeste 2008
Un coniglio alla mia tavola - Franco Losvizzero

Daniel Rothbart: Les Jeux Sont Faits Performances

Florencia Vecino baila en "Maneries". Dirección de Luis Garay. Teatro El Portón de Sánchez, Buenos Aires.


MANERIES, una obra de Luis Garay. Con Florencia Vecino y música en vivo de Mauro AP
Florencia Vecino
Maneries no XIV FIDR
MANERIES, sugestiva estética
"Maneries" a performing arts project

MANERIES de Luis Garay. Performer- Florencia Vecino. Musica en vivo de Mauro AP from Luis Garay on Vimeo.

Idea y Dirección: Luis Garay. Creación: Florencia Vecino, Luis Garay. Performer: Florencia Vecino. Música Original en Vivo: Mauro AP Prensa: Daniel Franco, Paula Simkin.
INtime / EXtime MORE et encore - Alain Buffard
Maureen Fleming Flower
Nude Theatre
art performance at the museums nacht basel/ Danc performance
Tasha Diamant's Human Body Project (2010 preview)
Human Body Project 2009 preview
Stabalise Motion,the nude edition.mp4
MASHA Nude motion test
Rx Harpe
the abramovic line and how "the public" attempted to remedy this situation

Seiji Shimoda
art performance at the museums nacht basel/ Danc performance
Nude4Art A18 - String art nude performance
Nude4Art A15 - Nude art practice
Sònia Gómez - Experiencias con un Desconocido Show
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