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I Was a Nude Model By Cole Kazdin
My friend Kelly needed a nude model. She was profiling an artist for a TV segment she was producing and needed someone for him to paint. Nude. I was not at the time, nor have I ever been a nude model. Yet for some reason I was her first call. Read More>

Confessions of an Art school Model performed at The 2001 Winnipeg Fringe Festival
Confessions of an Art school Model: written in 2001, Talia first performed this solo drama in the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. In it, she acts as an artistŐs model, posing for the Winnipeg artist, Derek Brueckner, who draws her for the duration of the one hour monologue. In 2002, she received an invitation to perform at the New York City Fringe Festival. That same season, she also brought it to the Minnesota Fringe Festival in Minneapolis. The following summer, 2003, she and Derek again staged it at the Toronto Fringe Festival. Read More>

Confessions of an RA: Nude Models? So Awk. Read More>

I Was a Nude Model Another True Life Story in Our How Hard Can It Be? Series
"Do you have any previous modeling experience?" asked the receptionist at Oregon College of Art and Craft. Read More>

In the flesh: confessions of a nude model By Courtney Kates
"Two days a week, Kristen Baker, a senior studio art major, attends a class in the Fine Arts Building. Unlike the rest of the students in the class, however, she does not come prepared with pencils, charcoal and paper. She brings only herself and, when she gets there, she simply takes off all of her clothes. Read More>

Confessions of an Art Model
"Art takes on a whole new perspective when you become its central subject. Daniel Thompson would know; he's been working as an "undraped" - or nude - model for art classes for the past 12 years. Read More>
Leonardo. Donatello. Michelangelo. Raphael. Besides inspiring the names of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, these artists are renowned for their depictions of the human body, and some of their finest work is of people in the buff. The initial reaction of a museum-goer might be to snicker, but portraying the human body in its most natural state is a tradition taken seriously in the art world. Today, the use of nude models is common in intermediate and upper-level drawing, painting and sculpture classes. Read More>

Confessions of a Nude Artist's Model: Two Exhilarating ExperiencesBy Jenny Peters, Posted Oct 29th 2010 @ 11:50AM Ever consider stripping down to make a buck? There's one job out there that involves nudity, but without the distressing (and often illegal) sexual element that comes along with being naked on the job. Here are two exhilarating stories of women who conquered their embarrassment and became nude artist's models. ... Read More>

I Am An Art Figure Model - Stories of Experiences Read I Am An Art Figure Model stories. Discover personal experiences and true stories shared by real people like you. Read More>

Confessions of an Art School Model is equal parts art history lesson, figure drawing class, and reminiscence. Writer/performer Talia Pura sounds off about her almost thirty years as an art school model while posing for artist Derek Brueckner. Read More>

Confessions of a Naked Lady Art Model by Miss Justine Brown
No, not that kind of "art model". At least, that's what Miss Brown keeps saying.
Punks and goths have always had a turbulent relationship with nudity. Whereas for hippies nudity with extra body hair was an crucial emblem on the freak flag, punk rockers have tended to shun it. Read More>

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