Finding Human Form: Artists' Models in Studio and Classroom

Hieroglyphic or Greek Method of Life Drawing

Artist's Models Links

Girl with a Pearl Earring

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Aktmodell TV Show


Model Drawing Gallery

Hans Hoffman - Painting Class with nude model

Perils Of Nude Modeling

Perils Of Nude Modeling

Perils in Nude Modeling

Perils in Nude Modeling

Confessions of an Art school Model

Poser Debut
Poser Debut available now at Smith Micro Software! Plus save an extra 10% with code POSDEB10 until September 1, 2011!

Derek Brueckner - Performances


Meng Liping, 26, artistÕs body model

You Tube Links

24 Hours on Craigslist - Artist Seeks Models

Claude Closky studio

Closky Studio visit

WMC Life Class - vid 10 - Study of Andrea.

drawing nude model

drawing another nude model

New England Conservatory of Music.

Derek Brueckner Performances

On Being an Artist's Model

Life Drawing Model

Nude model draws crowd of 200

Harry Bowden Teaching a Class at the California School of Fine Arts

Hannah Susan Macdowell - Thomas Eakins

Nude art model reflects on her experiences


I Posed Nude in College

What Are Some Of The Poses That Models Take In Life Drawing Classes?

Aspiring first-time nudes seek life drawing class with GSOH

The Artistic Nude...

Art Students and Models

Drewid discovers nudity is beauty while she poses Drew University

Cherie Blair posed nude for painting in her mid 20s

nude drawing session

nude drawing session

A live model At the opening of the exhibition "Down with shame" in the Gallery of Soviet.

In Yubei District in the Garden Village street Picasso International Art Center, across from the city of more than 200 free arts-lovers will focus attention on young female models on the human body

Shanghai Art College

The modern history of the development model

Aktzeichnen Events

atviske Daiga Ludborza (21) var bare 16 ar da hun forste gang kastet klaerne for et publikum. Na jobber hun i blanke messingen for arkitektstudenter i Bergen.

Ein Aktmodell mit FŸlle und leichter Eleganz

Life Modeling - flickr

Warren Scott Viggars, Artist's Model

Gary's Public Gallery Č Art class

Alice Thelma - Portland Oregon Drawing Class

Univers d'Artistes

Fester and Wednesday Take It Off in the Name of Anti-Art

Japanese Sketch Class Video

Virtual Pose: For professional and student artists, the Virtual Pose ® series is the next best thing to working with a live model. Purchase Virtual Pose, Virtual Pose 2or Virtual Pose 3 at Preview the CD and download individual poses at the Virtual Pose website.

Virtual Pose Virtual Pose buy a copy at Virtual Pose Virtual Pose 2 buy a copy at Virtual Pose Virtual Pose 3 buy a copy at


Professional 3D Figure Design & Animation

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