Finding Human Form: Artists' Models in Studio and Classroom

Hieroglyphic or Greek Method of Life Drawing

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Girl with a Pearl Earring

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Art Class For a number of years during the mid 1970s I taught art drawing and painting at a local adult evening college. In January I usually employed an artist's model for the life class part of the course. This is Sarah posing for the students.

Escuela de Arte - School of Art

artist model

this girl was a nude model for art classes

One of the reasons I LOVE life modeling is that I get to feel like I'm actually a PART of art. I love to make it and I love that I get to be a piece of other people's creativity.

A scene from "Drawing to Music"

modern arf

WetCanvas! forums - Virtual Life Class 6

WetCanvas! forums - Virtual Life Class 12

Parker McPhinney

Poser Debut
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Arthur Grace Photographs

A female model posing nude for an art class on USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)

Sculpture class at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Ellis Wilson and model

Alexander Dobkin

David Lax

Reginald Marsh

Yasuo Kuniyoishi with model

Artists' model Stephanie Caloia and others at Edward Hagadorn's home in San Francisco
Stephanie Caloia nude descending a staircase, 1981

Wartime heroine Elizabeth Choy talks to LI XUEYING about her decision to allow her nude photo for display

These are models who are used for a number of Michail Constantine's sculptures.

artists model

Notes of a Nude Model: & Other Pieces by Harriet Sohmers Zwerling

George Art

Spiegel Online - Student Job Aktmodell

This is our portrait and the story behind it:

Michael Emery's Free Artist Portfolio

Pose nude for an art class

Mannelijk Naakt voor alle opdrachten


Mannelijk Naaktmodel

China Daily - Nude modelling, business or art?

University of Waterloo - From object to subject

Modeling Opportunities - Michigan

Flickr - Figurative

Otis College of Art + Design at Siggraph 2005

Life drawing - using myself as a life drawing model

Angel & Dragon By Sally Netzel

L' Atelier von Enrico Pietracci

Lucien Clergue with model






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Art Models Life Nudes for Drawing Painting and Sculpting with Disk

Virtual Pose: For professional and student artists, the Virtual Pose series is the next best thing to working with a live model. Purchase Virtual Pose, Virtual Pose 2or Virtual Pose 3 at Preview the CD and download individual poses at the Virtual Pose website.

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