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Nude from sedletsky on Vimeo.

Music: Cal Tjader; What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life
Video: Vlad Sedletskii

Expressive Figure Drawing: New Materials, Concepts, and Techniques

Art Models

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Ginger040 Art Models Pose

Becca335 Pose (Art Models)

Art Models 6: The Female Figure in Shadow and Light

New Book on the Web - Modelling for Life Drawing is a web version of a book about modelling first drawn from insights of a group of artists and models working together in Hoboken, New Jersey, then written by Hugh Kilmer.

The book was inspired by by a desire to create a more professional and workable relationship between artists and models, to treat models better and therefore to improve the quality of work artists are able to do.

The author says, "The pointers in this website will often seem obvious; reflection will usually show that they are often ignored in practise. Deliberate attention to them on the part of a large enough group of models and artists will give them greater weight. If so, I think that personal and professional relations between models and artists will improve, there will be greater respect for modeling as a profession and as a performing art, and artists and models will find themselves working better together to improve both the quality of professional modeling and the quality of artistic expression inspired by that modeling."

The book is now available on the internet and has many helpful tips for artists and models.

Kathleen Rooney shares the secrets of an art model from Live Nude Girl: My Life as an Object:

Male Students Sketching Nude Female Model During Life Drawing Class at Skowhegan Art School Artists Photographic Poster Print by Eliot Elisofon, 12x16

Kathleen Rooney

Kathleen Rooney

Live Nude Girl: My Life as an Object

"I started doing the job because it pays very well and I needed the money to pay for school, but then even after I'd settled into a 'real' job as a creative writing professor, I kept modeling on the side, I think because I'm sort of addicted to it. More abstractly, the book is an exploration about the relationship between being made into an object and objectifying others." - Live Nude Girl: My Life as an Object

"The first thirty seconds of nudity are always the most jarring, charged for me and for those who are looking at me, at least if it is a class or artist who has never seen me naked, never worked with me in the past. The disrobing is a gentle shock, a surprise, a kind of eyewash, and the instant is electrified, more vivid than those that preceded it and those that will come after. My nudity might seem unreal, as if it can't really be happening, as if this strange other person can't possibly be presenting herself without a stitch and letting her body be drawn. So too might my nudity feel hyper-real, as if this person is the most three-dimensional object in space, vulnerable in her nakedness, but powerful in her command of the entire room's studious and uninterrupted attention. But after these first few seconds, the flamboyance and the frisson seem to settle a bit, and the artists get down to the task at hand, which is not merely to gawk or to watch or to gaze, but to transmit from their eyes to the model, to their hands, to the page or the canvas or the clay the image they hope to render over the course of those three short hours." - Live Nude Girl: My Life as an Object

"It's almost like nudity becomes a kind of clothing, so think of it that way," says Kathleen Rooney, nude model and author of Live Nude Girl: My Life as an Object. "You're not naked, which is vulnerable and accidental. You're nude, which is purposeful and empowered." - Live Nude Girl: My Life as an Object

"This esoteric, organic meditation on life as an art object is itself a model of personal writing, perfect for those on either side of the easel." --Publishers Weekly, February 2009 "As we watch her pose, Rooney examines nude modeling from every angle: historical, sociological and biographical. She explores the territory between female beauty and intelligence, art and pornography, object and observer -- even the border between life and death -- with insight and passion." --Los Angeles Times, February 20, 2009

Kathleen Rooney

Would you take off your clothes in front of a room full of strangers if the money were right? In her bold new memoir, former artist's model Kathleen Rooney reveals all about being a muse.

Live Nude Girl Reading and Discussion with Kathleen Rooney and Krystal Meisel

Nackte Tatsachen
Art Models 2: Life Nude Photos for the Visual Arts (Book & CD-ROM)

The Art Model's Handbook: The Naked Truth about Posing for Art Classes and Fine Artists
A new book about modeling is available, written by a model, it features advice, interviews with models and sample working agreements.
"An invaluable resource for the new art model, the professional art model, art schools, art instructors, art students, and anyone wanting to learn more about the complexities of creating inspiration as a professional artist's model." Wendy McClay-Triplett Manager, Models & Props Art Center College of Design Pasadena, California

Review of the book on my blog.

Lars Konstmodel,

Nude Art school Model

nude pose from mikeemery on Vimeo.

Mike Emery - Artist's Model

Models enhance classroom experience

Nude Female Figure Reference: Phyllis Module

Find more videos like this on

How to be a model, a collection of links from the web.
How to be a nude model for an art class - "It was very freeing, like I was living in a dream."
So You Want to Be a Male Nude Model?
How to Be a Nude Art Model Modeling nude for an artist is much more difficult than it may seem. It is not a profession for the physically weak, or the self-conscious. While being comfortable in your own body is not necessarily a prerequisite, it certainl
would you ever be a nude art model
How much do nude art models make on average?
A Beginner's Guide to Nude Art Modeling
Center Of All Eyes - I woke one day and decided to be the artistÕs model at the local art school instead of being one of the painters/sculptors as I usually am.
Easy money! Sleep on the job!É.Nude Art Model
Nude Modeling: Going in Blind - At first I wasn't sure about taking a nude modeling job. I knew Mike never expected me to answer the want ad. I think he'd read it to me as a sort of joke, trying to lighten up the dark mood that sets in every time I start
How to Use Life Models for Fine Art Legalities that Every Artist Should Know
How to Draw a Nude Model - Video

figure drawing model
Modeling Life by Sarah R. Phillips

Artists & Models: An Exhibition of Photographs, Letters and Other Documents from the Collections of the Archives of American Art Smithsonian Institution

Ethics and Integrity in Model Bookings - Artmodel - Wordpress

Museworthy - Blog

The Nude Figure The Nude Figure The Nude Figure

The Nude Figure : A Visual Reference for Artists by Mark Edward Smith See more examples and a review of the book click here.

The Nude Female Figure: A Visual Reference for the Artist

This summer, Channel 4 will be airing a new series before the 9pm watershed which will feature nude models who'll be posing for artists to draw and paint, both in the studio and for viewers at home. The show, entitled Life Class: Today's Nude, "hopes to promote a return to elementary skills of drawing and painting, and spark a revival of more traditional, figurative art" according to Channel 4.

Nude models to appear on daytime Channel 4

Naked before nine, the new art show on Channel 4 - Pre-watershed series will invite viewers to join in at home with life class

Channel 4 nudes: Life drawing series will show full frontal nudity before 6pm

Hello, this is the afternoon nudes

Don't be so quick to judge life models

Art: Alan Kane to broadcast live life drawing classes on Channel 4

Freya Gallows: Interview with a traveling art nude model

Life Drawing - Croquis de Pierre Lissac
Drawings of Paris life by Pierre Lissac as published in the pages of La Vie Parisienne in the early part of the twentieth century. Pierre Lissac was an astute observer of boulevard life and brought wit and humor to his drawings of these ladies, artists and artist models.
Download at
Or now available as a printed book at Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

More than meets the eye

Draw 01-11-08

I'm interested in modeling nude for figure drawing, painting - Trenton Figure Drawing Waiting List Meetup

The Invention of the Model: Artists and Models in Paris, 1830-1870 (Hardcover) by Susan S. Waller

Notes of a Nude Model: & Other Pieces

Henri Matisse Picasso Auguste Rodin

Rare and Valuable Antique Books - How to Draw and Paint, Anatomical Diagrams for Art Students, Figure Drawing Lessons and How to Draw Cartoons

Naaktmodel Tekenen

Tekenen naar mannelijk naaktmodel

The Human Figure The Human Figure The Human Figure

The Human Figure: A Photographic Reference for Artists

Jane Flux

how to draw noses

Uncle Eddies Theory Corner

Manet's Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe (Masterpieces in Western Painting) by Paul Hayes Tucker (Editor)

Portrait of an Artist: Les Silences De Manet (1989) DVD

Poser Figure Artist English Full Version

Slade School from The Artist Model from Etty to Spencer
Artist models at

New - Animation from John Everard's book "Artist's Model"

sitting pose standing pose pose with bow and arrow costumed pose
Dorothy Lees Early twentieth century artist's model, who posed for the photographs included in Hieroglyphic or Greek Method of Life Drawing which is available as an ebook.

Art Class on Flickr

Another art class on Flickr

Escuela de Arte

Dick Choi For life class

Me as a Life Drawing Model

Fesival Tomaat

Glasgow School of Art

The Glasgow School of Art from The Artist's Model : From Etty to Spencer

Model Employee

Bay Area Models Guild

Early Chinese nudes - Thomas H. Hahn Docu-Images

Kunstwerke Seite 1/3 UNICUM-Serie "Uni-Menschen" (Teil 8): Die Aktmodelle

Teorien om Grethe Bartram

Make money - Regular job not pulling in enough dough? DonÕt have a regular job anymore? These easy side gigs will put much-needed extra cash in your too-empty pockets.
Be a nude model - NY Timeout

Channel 4 nudes: Life drawing series will show full frontal nudity before 6pm

How to Hire a Figure Model (Artist's Model)

Desha Delteil model for Female Form by Ben Pinchot with drawings by George B. Bridgmen

Harriet Whitney FrishmuthÕs Sculpture Scherzo Helps Beautify Bracken Library and Expose Thousands of Students Daily to Fine Art

Harriet Whitney Frishmuth (American 1880-1980) - Desha

Iona Lynn's blog

Iona Lynn

Hier wird Dozentin Blanka zum Akt-Modell!

Rubia Sequeira, 30, arbeitet seit einem Jahr als Aktmodell.

Schreibnacht Marz 2007 - Aktschreiben

Suite a une seance photo que j ai faite, au cours de laquelle j ai acceptŽ de poser totalement nue, et aux questions que cela peut soulever, j ai decide d'ecrire cet article . Following a photo I made, which I agreed to pose completely naked, and the issues this may raise, I decided to write this article.

The Art of Drawing The Figure: Essential Exercises [Interactive DVD]
Not your average bowl-of-fruit painting The Art Center serves up full-frontal nudity, and film


Dossier secret : Pierre Louys-Marie de Regnier
Marie de Regnier: L'inconstante (Collection biographique) (French Edition)
Occhi diabolicamente neri Marie de RŽgnier

Lo que hacemos por un poco de rati. Pero en fin. Al menos nuestros mecanismos son un poco mas honestos que los de la television, ya que al menos les damos a alguien en bolas. No la Cayetina, por cierto, pero si esta chica que trabaja de modelo nudista para artistas.

El grupo de sesiones de dibujo nudista

modele nue pour cours de dessins

Italiaanse naaktmodellen staken voor hoger loon Italian nude models strike for higher wages Doing nothing is harder than it looks. This slogan put the nude models in the Italian art academies yesterday their demands for higher wages and better working conditions in force. And she promptly went back to their clothes.

Stock still and stark naked

How to model nude for an artist

Pose nude for an art classHow to pose nude for an art class by J Spengs - 43 Things

Daiga jobber splitter naken
At the Bergen School of Architecture in Sandvik . But I do not really this aktjobben for the sake of money, more because I like to be a model.

Regular job not pulling in enough dough? Don't have a regular job anymore? These easy side gigs will put much-needed extra cash in your too-empty pockets
Read more>

LEARNING FROM LIFE People, fully dressed, concentrating their gaze on one who is naked:a necessary relationship between artist and model, but still an uncommon one - Bangkok Post

Prostitutes wife nobility - all kinds of human models!

human body sketch artist demonstrations
Hong Kong's large number of people competing to watch the human body drawings, models are covered

More Drawing Class Models from Hong Kong

Be a nude model for an art class - 43 Things

Pose nude for an art class - 43 Things

be a figure drawing model - 43 Things

Idrettsstjerner forsækte seg pŒ aktmaling HŒpet pŒ mannlig modell.

Vi burde alle bli nakenmodeller!

Anette kler seg naken for kunsten

Nuogas kunas viesai - tabu ar ne visai? (Nude body to make - or not at all taboo?)

DAR: A super girlytop secret comic diary by Erika Moen

After 20 hours with a naked model this is what Cherie's favourite artist came up with; Judy Graham recalls the thrill - and tedium - of posing nude in the same chilly studio as the young Ms Booth. Read More>

London Art Class

Mandlig model med god erfaring indenfor croquistegning, maleri, portr¾t og skulptur.

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