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Figure Drawing with Cakemikz (NSFW) (Lesson 1 - Gesture) : - LifeART is an online community for figurative artists and life models. You can use LifeART to help find your local workshops or to publicise your own activites or services.

Animation Cafe

Art Attack - Reference Archive

Anime and Sailor Moon Project in German

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ArtisticAnatomy ˇ Artistic Anatomy is a discussion group of artists who are interested in learning about human figure for drawing and painting.

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Job Story: Easy money! Sleep on the job!....Nude Art Model

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mercant arts kunstforum: stellenangebote an künstler

of Figurative Arts

Everyday Matters Comments: Anatomy of anatomy
2 nudes from pastel class
Poll - College Figure Drawing (Life Drawing) Class
The Question: Is it acceptable to paint a nude model in a college-level art class? Why or why not?
Pose nude for an art class
Live! Nude! Girls!
Art Class Nudity
Drawing from the nude model
posing for art class or artist? - Title: Nude Model for art class - Guest Posting -- "J" on Modeling for Artists
How to draw a woman
Animation of a drawing
The Society of Figurative Arts Forum
The Fashion Spot Forum
Digital Webbing Forums Talent Engine Tips From the Drawing Board Anatomy Links
Keepiru's Sketchbook - Tips til tegnere
Digital Webbing Forums > Talent Engine > Tips From the Drawing Board > Anatomy Links
Sketch with Byte
CATSUKA FORUM Index du Forum -> Drawing Board-> L'anat
Illustrated Life
Istanbul Defterdarlari
Polyloop - 3D & 2D Community Forum
Polyloop - 3D & 2D Community Forum - Francais

Welcome to the Official Wiki

The Web omic List - Drawing the human body

Cheetah3D User Forum Cheetah3D General

Shoryuken - Shoryuken Media Studios - Fan Art Gallery

Digital Webbing Forums > Talent Engine > Tips From the Drawing Board Anatomy Links

CG Society - Sketchbook Thread of Annemee

How to start your own Life Drawing/Life Painting session?

Megatokyo - online comic forum


Mugen Fighters Guild Forum

Adventure Game Studio

gfxartist - BACK TO THE BASICS --- Anatomy Thread

Naakt model staan bij een kunst academie.....
Hoi heeft iemand hier ervaring met poseren voor klassen model tekenen op de kunst academie? (ongekleed) Ik denk erover om dat te gaan proberen maar heb er zelf geen ervaring ermee. Het lijkt me wel erg leuk om te doen.
Hi has anyone has any experience with model posing for drawing classes at the art academy? (ongekleed) Ik denk erover om dat te gaan proberen maar heb er zelf geen ervaring ermee. (dressed) I'm thinking that trying to go but have no experience with it himself. Het lijkt me wel erg leuk om te doen. It seems very fun to do.

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