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The Sculptor and Art Student's Guide to the Proportions of the Human Form
Famous but very rare english translation of the treatise by Dr. Johann Gottfried Schadow, the classical sculptor, based on the work of the Greek sculptor Polycletus. Available now as an e-book for instant download.

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More information at my blog: Figure Drawing - Notes, Illustrations and Books about Figure Drawing and the Proportions of the Human Form or at this post.

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Horse Anatomy A Handbook for Artists Comprising the Study of the Proportion and Action of the Horse as Compared to Man.
by Lewis S. Brown

This amazing and rare out of print book was a labor of love by the author who was taken with the idea of comparing the physical structure of man to that of the horse when he saw an exhibit of skeletons of a man and a horse arranged in similar positions in the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. He worked on it as time allowed for seventeen years and eventually published it in 1948. Available as an e-book at

Fairbanks - Human Proportions for Artists Fairbanks - Human Proportions for Artists
Human Proportions for Artists (Spiral-bound) by Avard T. Fairbanks (Author), Eugene F. Fairbanks (Author)
This is a comprehensive studio guide to human proportions listing over one hundred measurements of both male and female figures with head and face details. Measurements are in both inch and metric systems and fractions are in columns from heroic to 1/12 life size. Section are included on relative and comparative proportions and of dynamic symmetry.

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Anatomy for Artists Painters and Sculptors
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Mor information at my blog: Figure Drawing - Notes, Illustrations and Books about Figure Drawing and the Proportions of the Human Form.

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Anatomy and Drawing by Victor Perard, First Edition 1928 Kingsport Press, Kingsport, Tennessee

Hands and Their Construction by Victor Perard

Other drawing books by Victor Perard

Victor Perard,Relative Proportions

Victor Perard, Relative Proportions of bones by heads
Relative Proportions Relative Proportions of bones by heads
Anatomy and Drawing (Dover Books on Art Instruction)

Victor Perard was an art instructor at Cooper Union in New York City and a graduate of the E'cole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, The National Academy of Design and the Arts Sudents' League, New York City. He was also a painter and illustrator. The images here are from a book of his called Anatomy and Drawing, which he published in 1928.


The entire book, with all the illustrations, by Victor Perard is now available as an instantly downloadable E-book.

The book includes over 1016 detailed illustrations of the human body in perspective, from different angles, both in still poses and in movement

Chapter Headings:
Section I: Proportion
Section II: Skeleton
Section III: Head & Neck
Section IV: The Torso
Section V: The Arm
Section VI: The Hand
Section VII: The Leg
Section VIII: The Foot
Plus in section IX you'll get:
Insider secrets of applying anatomy for composition
37 illustrations of foreshadowing and
31 full images of people and groups of people in multiple positions.

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Vier Bucher von menschlicher Proportion.

Proportionslehre - In den Proportionslehren zeigt sich eine geistige Verwandtschaft zwischen Kunst und Geometrie. Wo die Kunst Wert legt auf eine Naehe zur Wissenschaft, bedient sie sich der Geometrie, spielt mit Zahlen und rechnet. Dies ist so bei den Agy

Human Proportion II.1


How to draw the human head, proportions of the head and drawing human expression, are the subjects of these two books, both available at Figure Drawing Books at and as e-books.
The Human Head - A Correct Delineation of the Anatomy, Expressions, Features, Proportions and Positions of the Head and Face - by Prof. Louis Bail
The School of Raphael - or The Student's Guide to Expression in Historical Painting - by Nicholas Dorigny with commentary by Benjamin Ralph

Proportions of the Head

Fractions of the Head
Carrara 3D Express
Game Developer Art Assets

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