The Figure in Repose

Comic Artist's Photo Reference: People and Poses
figure drawings

Learn to Draw the Human Figure


Getting started sketching and drawing from life.

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Learning to Draw Links

Picture perception

Here is a link to drawing lessons you can do from your home computer or on the internet.
"Art For Everyone"
How to draw faces, do calligraphy and learn portrait painting.
Online Art Lessons with Bennecelli

Gli AVATAR di ODA : modello posturologico interattivo con scheda anamnestica

Kaya - Digital Woman

More about Kaya

More about Kaya

More about Kaya

Kaya was created in Maya
Character Design & Integration with HalfLife2 and Maya!

Modeling the female figure for beginners

Disegnare fumetti (e altro) con Corel Painter Essentials 3

  • Art 2: Drawings and Painting - Lesson Plan Life Drawing Methods
  • Constructing The Figure From Life Where to Begin
  • Anatomy
  • Anatomy and Figure Drawing Handbook : A Comprehensive Guide to the Art of Drawing the Human Body by Viv Foster

    Models for drawing
  • Live Model, Book One: Artistic Nude Figures for Drawing Painting and Sculpture by Maureen Johnson & Douglas Johnson Art Attack - Reference Archive

  • Character Costume Figure Drawing : Step-by-Step Drawing Methods for Theatre Costume Designers by Tan Huaixiang

    Drawing tools
  • Figure Drawing Introduction Set

    Drawing kit
  • Master Figure Drawing Set
  • Muscles In Motion: Figure Drawing For The Comic Book Artist by Glenn Fabry
  • Drawing from Life
  • Learn to sculpt.
  • Pictures from Thomas Jenning's book "The Female Figure in Movement" plus John Everard's book "Artist's Model"
  • Animations from the work of Eadward Muybridge, and links to other sites with information about his work.
  • Some Hints on Drawing From the Model - and excerpt from "Figure Drawing" by Richard G. Hatton.
  • Figures in Action (How to Draw and Paint series #191) By Andrew Loomis
  • Complete Life Drawing Coursee by Diana Constance
  • Fine Arts Magazines
  • Richard Schmid Paints the Figure: Advanced Techniques in Oil.
  • Discover Drawing - Professor Jennifer J. Grey's Weblinks
  • Virtual Pose: For professional and student artists, the Virtual Pose series is the next best thing to working with a live model. Purchase Virtual Pose, Virtual Pose 2or Virtual Pose 3 at Preview the CD and download individual poses at the Virtual Pose website. Image

    Virtual Pose Virtual Pose buy a copy at Virtual Pose Virtual Pose 2 buy a copy at Virtual Pose Virtual Pose 3 buy a copy at
    New - Rare and Valuable Old Drawing Books - Now Available as Inexpensive ebooks
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  • Books about figure drawings and drawing.
  • Software for drawing and animation
  • Learn to sculpt.

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