Visit the entire site to see portraits, figure drawings, pet portraits and life studies. The figure drawing page has examples from art history. The life drawing pages are recent studies from a weekly life drawing session. The links pages have links to figure drawing tutorials, figure drawing schools and resources, life drawing sessions, materials, forums, models and other artists who draw or paint the figure. Purchase a drawing from the portfolio or order a custom drawing on the order page. Visit for a large selection of hard to find ebooks about drawing the figure, learning to draw, drawing perspective, drawing cartoons and learning to paint.

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"Looking for efficient teaching aids Found a stash of old life drawing books published as ebooks at" -honoria in ciberspazio, Sep. 19th, 2008
"Drawing People I found a website that might help you some in drawing people." -AlDaja , at FileFront Gaming Forums
"Top 10 Online Figure Drawing Resources For Beginner Artists - Figure Drawing Resource 4 - Website: "This website is loaded with great information and resources on figure drawing including books, ebooks lessons and more."

Website - figure drawing, life drawing etc
I found this website today and found it had a lot of interesting links and references. The site contains a lot of life drawing examples, so there is some nudity.
Beth -

"Quite possibly one of the most comprehensive websites for figure drawing and anatomy books online. "- Fantasy & Sci Fi - Digital Art Imagine FX
This is a really neat site for drawing from life. Tons of links and advice and recommendations. Kind of a pain to navigate, and not very pretty, but a wonderful mine of information for artists. Caution: lots 'n lots of artistic nudity (it is a site about drawing the figure, after all). -
jak w temacie linki do stron w ktorych krok po kroku otrzymacie porady do rysowania anatomii - MarvBoy
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Favorite Sites - mongraph
"I found a wonderful online resource for figure drawing at They have amazing drawings posted from some of the greatest figure drawing artists since the Renaissance. " - Ashley Walter's Blog.
"Unseres Erachtens die bislang umfangreichste Linkliste rund um das Thema Aktzeichnen "-
Il y a plein de photos des pages des livres! Quelques uns pratiques! Comme les dimensions du corps! - J. C. Saint-Po - Dessiner le corps humain
Site sobre desenho e anatomia figura humana - Quem se interessa por desenho e anatomia da figura humana não vai se arrepender se olhar este site - artificio / Laura Nehr
Site de 'Figure Drawings'!! - Encontrei um site com muita informação sobre 'Figure Drawings'. Tem links de sites, blogs, dicas de livros, etc - desenhos d eobservacao
sitas visai neblogas: - coffee -
Figuurtekenen, voorbeelden lessen en anatomie, Figure examples, lessons and anatomy -
jak w temacie linki do stron w ktorych krok po kroku otrzymacie porady do rysowania anatomii [] MarvBoy at
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