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Henri Matisse worked with live models. The last photographs here show Matisse with his model in 1939, in his old age working on a sculpture and a painting from 1903.

Although Matisse might seem the antithesis of naturalism in his simplification of form in order to reveal movement, he still insisted on studying the model.

Matisse and his model Matisse

More on Matisse and his models

He told his students, "Note the essential characteristics of the model carefully; they must exist in the complete work, otherwise you have lost your concept on the way."


Henri Matisse, Seated Figure, Tan Room

Russell Iredell: Drawing the Figure
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Professional 3D Figure Design & Animation

Matisse Academy Lucy Vidal Krohg - artist's model

Arvid Fougstedt's drawing of the students at the Matisse Academy in the early twentieth century. The model is Lucy Vidal Krohg who married Per Krohg shown second from right. Matisse is at the easel.

Munch Modell

Edvard Munch Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch

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