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Artist's Model by John Everard, F.I.B.P.

John Everard, Artist's Model
Plate 73

In 1951 The Bodley Head, London published a book of photographs by John Everard, F.I.B.P., which Charles Simpson in an introduction compares favorably to the work of Eadweard Muybridge. Then he goes on to point out that he asked John Everard if he was familiar withn Muybridge's work and Simpson says he never heard of him.
The book is divided into several sections, the first and largest section is a series of photographs of models with one large dramatically lit photograph and twelve smaller evenly lit photographs of the model from 360 degrees.

Sculptor's Model A Third Sitting at Amazon.com

Artist's model 1958 by John Everard

Artist's model 1953 by John Everard

Second sitting;: Another artist's model by John Everard

Model in Movement by John Everard

Everard himself in a forward to the book says the idea for the book came about because his daughter Maureen complained about the difficulty in finding models when she was a student in art school. The book, he says, "caters to the need of the young student in art, the professional artist, the sculptor an perhaps even more than anyone else the commercial artist and layout man."

Image Image
Images from another Everard book, Sculptor's Model.

Image Image
Images from another Everard book, Second Sitting.

Image Image Image Image Image

Images from Second Sitting
More Images

Another Reference -A few years ago, I came across some old, musty books by a British photographer named John Everard. After leafing through them, I bought the whole lot immediately. The books, called Artist's Model, Second sitting, and Model in Movement had publication dates from the nineteen fifties, and were sold as reference books for artists although, I'm sure, given the societal constraints at the time, that they were sold to many non-artists as well.

UNCLE EDDIE'S THEORY CORNER! More Life Drawing Reference -

John Everard - In Camera

Selections from Sculptor's Model

Model in Movement by John Everard

Un desnudo en que no se ve ná

Animated Gifs

John Everard Photograph for sale

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The Female Figure in Movement by Thomas Jennings

The Female Figure in Movement at Amazon.com Image Image Image

Published in 1976, this book has the expressed aim of supplementing the artist's life drawing studies and to be used as a reference when a model is not available.
The Female Figure in Movement at Amazon.com

Image Image Image
Alice Bloch, Harmonious Development of Women's Bodies

Harmonious Development of Women's Bodies at Amazon.com

Paul Jsenfels Paul Jsenfels Paul Jsenfels Paul Jsenfels
Paul Jsenfels Gymnastik als Lebensfreude

Nude Figure in Motion Stroboscopic Photograph

Anatomy of Movement

Adventure Game Studios - Walkcycles

Andrew Loomis
Figures in Action (How to Draw and Paint series #191) by Andrew Loomis

Dick Blick Art Materials

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