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Muscles in Motion Figure Drawing for the Comic Book Artist
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New - Figure Drawings Store for books about figure drawing, sketching and drawing for animation.

3-D Human Modeling and Animation

Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right

Draw the Line (Paperback)- by Emilio Soltero

Acting for Animators, Revised Edition : A Complete Guide to Performance Animation

Human Anatomy for Artists: The Elements of Form by Eliot Goldfinger

Erotic Ambiguities: The Female Nude in Art

The Human Figure: A Photographic Reference for Artists

Life Class: The Academic Male Nude 1820-1920

The Nude in French Art and Culture, 1870-1910

Language of the Body

Live Model, Book One: Artistic Nude Figures for Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture

Great Drawings of Nudes : 45 Works (Dover Art Library)

Life Drawing: A Journey to Self-Expression

Life Drawing in Charcoal

Illustrating Fashion: Concept to Creation

How to Draw Great-Looking Comic Book Women

Perspective! for Comic Book Artists: How to Achieve a Professional Look in Your Artwork

Theodore Chasseriau: The Unknown Romantic

Heads, Features and Faces by George Bridgman

Art Models Life Nudes for Drawing Painting and Sculpting with Disk (Hardcover)

Visualizing Muscles: A New Ecorché Approach to Surface Anatomy




Artists And Illustrators Magazine [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION]

Color Perception in Art

Painter's Guide to Color

Figure Drawing
The Artist's Complete Guide to Figure Drawing : A Contemporary Perspective on the Classical Tradition(PB) - Amazon.com

Drawing the Female Nude
Drawing the Female Nude(PB) - Amazon.com

Anatomy for the Artist(HB) - Amazon.com

The Artist's Model: From Etty to Spencer(HB) - Amazon.com

The Nude Figue
The Nude Figure: A Visual Reference for the Artist(PB) - Amazon.com

Nude Model
Virtual Pose 2(HB) - Amazon.com

The Human Figure in Motion
The Human Figure in Motion(HB) - Amazon.com

Figure Drawing Without a Model(PB) - Amazon.com

The Big Book of Drawing and Painting the Figure(PB) - Amazon.com
Creating Textures in Colored Pencil(HB) - Amazon.com
Drawing From Life
Drawing from Life(PB) - Amazon.com
The Language of the Body: Drawings by Pierre-Paul Prud'Hon(HB) - Marketplace
Complete Drawing Course
Complete Life Drawing Course(PB) - Amazon.com
The Figure in Motion(PB) - Amazon.com
Modeling the Figure in Clay(PB) - Amazon.com
Atlas of Foreshortening, 2nd Edition(PB) - Amazon.com
The Human Figure: A Photographic Reference for Artists(PB) - Amazon.com
Harley Brown's Eternal Truths for Every Artist(HB) - Amazon.com
Figure Drawing: The Structure, Anatomy, and Expressive Design of Human Form (5th Edition)(PB) - Amazon.com
Muybridge's Complete Human and Animal Locomotion: New Volume 1 (Reprint of original volumes 1-4)(HB) - Amazon.com
Jock Sturges: New Work(HB) - Amazon.com
Paul Klee: Selected by Genius, 1917-33(HB) - Amazon.com
Bouguereau(HB) - Amazon.com
Photoshop 7 Savvy with CDROM(PB) - Amazon.com
Handbook of Anatomy for Art Students(PB) - Amazon.com
John Singer Sargent : The Sensualist(HB) - Amazon.com
The Art of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones(HB) - Amazon.com
Mark Rothko(PB) - Amazon.com
Rembrandt: The Painter at Work(PB) - Amazon.com
Celebrate Your Creative Self : Over 25 Exercises to Unleash the Artist Within(PB) - Amazon.com
Chinese Painting Techniques for Exquisite Watercolors(HB) - Amazon.com
Drawing the Human Body : An Anatomical Guide(PB) - Amazon.com
Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing From Life(PB) - Amazon.com
Painting Beautiful Skin Tones With Color & Light in Oil, Pastel and Watercolor(HB) - Amazon.com
Colored Pencil Solution Book(HB) - Amazon.com
Artistic Anatomy(PB) - Amazon.com
The Body in Three Dimensions (Perspectives)(PB) - Amazon.com
Keys to Drawing(PB) - Amazon.com
Carving the Human Face : Capturing Character and Expression in Wood(PB) - Amazon.com
Fast Sketching Techniques(PB) - Amazon.com
Anatomy Lessons from the Great Masters

The female figure in movement

Basic Figure Drawing Techniques (North Light Basic Painting)

Facial Expressions: A Visual Reference For Artists

150 Masterpieces of Drawing

American Venus: The Extraordinary Life of Audrey Munson, Model and Muse

Anatomy Lessons from the Great Masters

Anatomy for the Artist

Anatomy : A Complete Guide for Artists

Bay Area Figurative Art: 1950-1965

Complete Life Drawing Course

Drawing The Female Nude

Drawing: Figures in Action

Seeing Ourselves

Venus at Her Mirror: Velazquez and the Art of Nude Painting

Figure Drawing - Victor Perard

The Guerrilla Girls' Bedside Companion to the History of Western Art

Figure Drawing Workshop

Life Drawing in Charcoal

How to Draw the Human Figure : An Anatomical Approach

Atlas of Foreshortening: The Human Figure in Deep Perspective

Muybridge's Complete Human and Animal Locomotion: New Volume 1 (Reprint of original volumes 1-4)

Creative Perspective for Artists and Illustrators

Sketch Book Value Pack

Strathmore Drawing Paper Pads Size 11 x 14

ProArt Set of 12 Drawing Pencils

Drawing from Life

Figure Drawing Workshop

Handbook of Anatomy for Art Students

How to Draw Manga: Bodies & Anatomy

Ingres Portrait Drawings : 44 Plates

The Human Figure

John Singer Sargent : The Male Nudes

Muscles in Motion : Figure Drawing for the Comic Book Artist

Self Portraits of the World's Greatest Painters

Virtual Pose 3

The Nude Figure: A Visual Reference for the Artist

The Human Figure in Motion

Vitamin D : New Perspectives in Drawing

Drawing Now: Eight Propositions

Art Models Life Nudes for Drawing Painting and Sculpting with Disk

Finding Human Form: Artists' Models in Studio and Classroom

Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery

Drawing Dynamic Hands

Poser 6/Shade LE Bundle: 3D Figure Design and Animation Solution

Life Drawing: A Journey to Self-Expression

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Anatomy Lessons from the Great Masters(PB) - Amazon.com
Realistic Figure Drawing(PB) - Amazon.com
Star Wars: Episode 1 Incredible Cross-Sections(HB) - Amazon.com
Star Wars: Incredible Cross-Sections(HB) - Amazon.com
The Zen of Seeing : Seeing Drawing As Meditation(PB) - Amazon.com
Digital Character Animation 2: Essential Techniques(PB) - Marketplace
Atlas of Facial Expression : An Account of Facial Expression for Artists, Actors, and Writers(PB) - Amazon.com
The Human Figure : An Anatomy for Artists(PB) - Amazon.com
How to Draw the Human Figure
How to Draw the Human Figure: An Anatomical Approach(PB) - Amazon.com
Carving the Human Figure : Studies in Wood and Stone(PB) - Amazon.com
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (Graphic Novel)(PB) - Amazon.com
150 Masterpieces of Drawing(PB) - Amazon.com
Drawing Human Anatomy(PB) - Amazon.com
The Natural Way to Draw : A Working Plan for Art Study(PB) - Amazon.com
facial expressions facial expressions
The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expression(HB) - Marketplace
The Complete Sketching Book(PB) - Amazon.com
The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain(PB) - Amazon.com
Life Drawing in Charcoal(PB) - Amazon.com
Carving the Female Face(PB) - Amazon.com
Anatomy: A Complete Guide for Artists(PB) - Amazon.com
Open Me...I'm a Dog(HB) - Amazon.com
Figure Painting in Oil(PB) - Amazon.com
Photoshop 7 Down & Dirty Tricks(PB) - Marketplace
The Technique of Portrait Painting(HB) - Marketplace
The World of the Florentine Renaissance Artist: Projects and Patrons, Workshop and Art Market(HB) - Marketplace
The Disney That Never Was; The Stories and Art from Five Decades of Unproduced Animation(HB) - Marketplace
The femlae figure in movement
The female figure in movement(HB) - Marketplace
Draw 50 Horses(PB) - Amazon.com
Drawing the Living Figure(PB) - Amazon.com
Life Class: The Academic Male Nude 1820-1920(PB) - Marketplace
Joan Miro : 1893-1983 (Basic Art)(PB) - Amazon.com
The animated Raggedy Ann and Andy : an intimate look at the art of animation its history, techniques, and artists(..) - Marketplace
The Human Machine: The Anatomical Structure and Mechanism of the Human Body(PB) - Amazon.com
Human Figure(PB) - Amazon.com
Old Master Life Drawings: 44 Plates(PB) - Amazon.com
Ingres Portrait Drawings: 44 Works (Dover Art Library)(PB) - Amazon.com
Walt Disney's Fantasia(HB) - Marketplace
Drawing Cutting Edge Comics(PB) - Marketplace
Michelangelo Life Drawings(PB) - Amazon.com
Leonardo Drawings : 60 Works(PB) - Amazon.com
Heads, Features and Faces(PB) - Amazon.com
Figures in Action (How to Draw and Paint series #191)(PB) - Amazon.com
Mastering 3D Animation by Peter Ratner(PB) - Amazon.com
Flash MX Macromedia - Develop rich Internet content and applications - Flexible workspace - Timeline enhancements - Backward compatibility with Macromedia Flash 5 - Scale, rotate, skew, and distort graphic elements with 1 tool (CD) - Amazon.com
Keys to Drawing by Bert Dodson(PB) - Amazon.com
Ingres Portrait Drawings: 44 Works (Dover Art Library) by Jean-Auguste-Do Ingre(PB) - Amazon.com

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