The Human Figure (Paperback)

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The Human Figure

by J. H. Vanderpoel

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The Human Figure
The Human Figureby J. H. Vanderpoel: $6.95

John Vanderpoel was an influential teacher. Georgis O'Keefe called him "one of the few real teachers I have known." He taught for 30 years at the School of the Art Instutue n Chicago. There is now a museum named for him, the result of individuals having donated over 500 paintings, prints and sculptures to the Vanderpoel Art Association.

life drawing class

He was also the author of "The Human Figure" first published in 1908 and which remains in print today as a Dover reprint.

In 1910 he went to St. Louis to head the People's University Art Academy. This is a link to a picture of a drawing class. University City Public Library, St. Louis, Missouri Scroll down to about the middle of the page and click on the picture.

This link is to a blog which reviews the Vanderpoel Museum Chris Miller - The Vanderpoel Museum, and a link to the website of The Vanderpoel Museum itself.

The Human Figure icon

Here is a link to a webpage describing a drawing by Vanderpoel, "Head Study of a Young Girl." on American Artist

This link is to a Brazilian Artist's page which includes several reproductions of Vanderpoel's drawings from his book: Marel Desenho Look for the pages marked "Humana 1, 2 and 3." There are also several other artist's examples of figure drawing including Perrard, Andrew Loomis, Burne Hogarth, Renata Silva and others.

This link is to an original copy of the book from 1916 for sale at The Human Figure by John Vanderpoel - 1916 icon

The Human Figure

This is a link to Julius Guzy Paintings & Drawings, there are 3 inspiring sheets of drawings after the work of John Vanderpoel in "The Human Figure."

Here is another link to an artist who is doing drawings after Vanderpoel's work. Brianna

Nude RearView - after Vanderpoel Robert Wittig

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